I posted the crash report above. JVM segfaulted in libnvidia-glcore.so.355.11, not a kernel panic.
I spawned a Ghast in the over world to spook tifreak a bit. But then spawned one in Lava below obsidian and it stayed there, happy as ever. So I left it.

While taking that screen shot, which was CMND+SHIFT+4, in spectator mode I started floating downward and could not recover. Shift is crouch and crouch is how you move down while flying (and space bar/jump moves you up). I died. We were both pretty shocked at that since I shouldn't have been killable. Bad Idea

I then flew around some more and found a few secluded lava pits with no attached caves in seemingly in the middle of no where. So I turned the walls into diamond ore. There may or may not be a trap. There's about 607 blocks of ore. Yes, I took a screen shot of the coords so maybe I'll tie those into future hunts, abba caving, etc etc.

I started getting back into Minecraft with 1.9, single player though. Here's my house so far.

I started off relatively close to where I spawned in because I knew I'd die a few times and didn't want to trek back to where I would die each time. Since there was an ocean, sand and, trees nearby I figured I was relatively set.

I started with a two story house. From prior experience I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep through the nights if there were enemies nearby so I set up my bed on the second story. At first it was a pretty cuboid house. A few days later I took away half of the upstairs and converted that into a balcony and even built stairs going up to the roof above the second story as well.

The first story is relatively unchanged. I moved the stairs to where they are now to accommodate the change in the upstairs floor plan though; the stairs circle around the walls of the house.

Here's the upstairs. I put a chest and crafting table on every floor so I could have quicker access to what I need if I ever die or just need to do something quickly. Such as if Zombies get into my house, I can run up stairs and craft/grab a weapon without fear of being ambushed at the chest near the front door.

The second floor balcony looking toward the bedroom and stairs to the top-floor balcony. Nothing super special.

I also have a few lower levels. The level immediately below the "ground level", I guess would typically be called the basement, is probably going to be the general store room and armory but I was really trying to get down about 20 more blocks from the first floor and figured I could use another floor.

This is what I was after, a quick and protected enclosure for boats since I suspect I'll be doing a lot of exploration by boat. I went out exploring without a boat and ended up having to craft a boat so I could get home to sleep through the night. I arrived home after dark and that's probably why there's a skeleton in one of my boats - followed me in I guess.

I made this floor wider and deeper than the others since I could and had the room to expand. I plan to go down another level or so and create a mining hub where I can start my spelunking expeditions (and maybe one more deeper for the Nether). I've already got a few stacks of red stone dust and plan to set up a few automated doors, such as a trip wire for the boats so when I leave to the ocean a gate opens and then closes behind me.

I plan to set up a few hoppers to automatically sort my spoils so I'll need to create a room with chests to put everything after it's sorted.
I bet that place would look -amazing- on a certain server Very Happy


I really like your idea for the boats.
I think i have built on of the most compact 16 function ALUs in minecraft. It cant to addition or bit shifting, but those should not be too hard to add Smile

The blue are the two inputs, the green is the output, and the yellows are the 4 control lines.
How does this work? Basically it uses multiplexers (the black trapezoids). Here is a quick diagram:

BTW, i was not the first to think of using multiplexers in an ALU, but i do believe that i was the first to apply the concept in minecraft Wink
Edit by Alex: This quote below was a part of a post that was moved to a new topic. Hence why it isn't found above.

KermMartian wrote:
Cool, thanks for posting about this! From the diagram above, it's clear that it's a multiplexer, but I'm not sure what therefore classifies it as an ALU. Can you tell us more about the arithmetic operations that it can perform, and how it does them?

Kerm: its a bit hard to explain, but i will try Wink Yes it just a multiplexer with 4 inputs (these dictate the operation) and 2 lines to tell what line output(these are A and B inputs of the ALU). (but as you saw the newer one had more lagic gates for adding/subtracting).
As you know, this is the truth table for a 4-line multiplexer:

A|B|Line displayed

As you can see, if both A and B are on then L3 will be outputed. Logicly, if every controll line L0-L2 is off, and L4 is on, then the output will only be on if both A AND B are on, thus an And gate. Similarly, if we turn on L1-L3 and turn of L0, then the output will be on if A OR B are on, thus an or gate. With different combinations of the Ln lines, we can make the output equal to: (list not in any particular order)

Not A
Not B
A and B
A nand B
A or B
A nor B
A xor B
A xnor B
1 (L0-L3 all on)
0 (L0-L3 all off)
A and !B
B and !A
!(A and !B)
!(B and A)
I started playing with industrialcraft 2... Razz

I needed to put something on an empty wall, so I made a map!
The wall behind it is all glowstone, for lighting purposes.
I made a new temple beside my castle based off one I made offline (but lost... I honestly can't find it).
Here is the Lost temple

Here is the recreation on the server! (Is that lennart's thing in the back left?)
Here's a start to a building/skyscraper that I might copy over to the server Smile

After a little fun in the Cemetech Server I decided to move the fun over to my own home server. Tifreak8x joined up and I used world edit to spawn in a giant TNT ball. The radius was 25 and was something of around 75,800 blocks. Sadly, some of the bottom got cut off by the void. It took about 10 mins for all the blocks to explode and my servers TPS dropped to about 9. Server never crashed but tifreak8x lagged out a few times.

Aftermath: The smaller crater on the left was from a smaller ball (r10)

omg, that was totally wicked!!!
I was inspired:

Not posting full images, because they are large.

I also did a 30x30x30 one after that (included in final image).
Only to make my total greater than yours.

Your "big bang" is more interesting, though.
I took a few screenshots around the server:

Fun fact: The shaders I used for this ran at 0.00078926598 FPS

This was my first try so it isn't as good as the rest, but it looks cool anyway:

If anyone wants me to do one of their base, feel free to ask.
Those are great! I really love the shadow details. I think it'd be cool to have a depth of field effect and stuff too!

Also, here's the topic for Cemetech Server Screenshots; this one is a general topic for screen shots from other servers or even single player games.
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