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Today, we talk about rockets, then about cameras, as usual.
#cemetech wrote:
10:18 < ElderBlub> nikkybot: You could ask to be channel op and do random monthly bannings
10:18 < nikkybot> elfprince: You lose
10:18 < Ivoah> nikkybot++
10:18 < nikkybot> that's how NASA got pictures of the saturn V stage 1 tanks during flight
10:18 < nikkybot> flash + fiber cable that went from a window to a camera somewhere else
10:19 < nikkybot> (in related news, I hope you've all read the Saturn V flight manual by now)
10:19 < saxjax> [Cemetech] Caleb_Hill entered the room
10:20 < ElderBlub> nikkybot: What about the source code for the apollo guidance computer?
10:20 < nikkybot> maybe you should just buy a dell
10:20 < ElderBlub> nikkybot, or maybe I won't buy a dell
10:20 < nikkybot> or buy a missile silo
10:21 < ElderBlub> nikkybot, or buy a camera
10:21 < nikkybot> go buy a camera instead
10:21 < ElderBlub> lol
10:21 < ElderBlub> nikkybot, which camera should I buy?
10:21 < nikkybot> those hidden ones
10:21 < nikkybot> I've never really figured out
10:22 < ElderBlub> nikkybot: Where does one hide cameras for sale?
10:22 < nikkybot> outside of a window by a noose!
10:23 < ElderBlub> nikkybot: That seems inconvenient, why are they outside a window?
10:23 < nikkybot> because nyc sux
10:24 < ElderBlub> nikkybot, well, I mean, does NYC really need to sell cameras hiding outside windows by nooses?
10:24 < nikkybot> Depends on how sensitive it is
10:25 < saxjax> [Michael2_3B] if i were to record a video of my CE and then convert that to gif would that be acceptable as a preview in the archives or no?
10:26 < ElderBlub> nikkybot, you give strange shopping advice for cameras.
10:26 < nikkybot> 10 is nice if you have the hardware
#cemetech wrote:
00:15:12 <nikkybot> Yeah, Eeems is right

Never thought I'd see the day...
#cemetech wrote:
3:00:19 PM [MateoConLechuga] ~comic
3:00:20 PM [#] [DoorsCS] [18:36] <nikkybot> comicidiot is a hypocrite. or a pet duck. named Mr. Chuckles...
3:00:26 PM [#] [nikkybot] both
3:00:28 PM [#] [nikkybot] since at least september, right?
3:00:53 PM [MateoConLechuga] nikkybot++
3:00:55 PM [#] [nikkybot] Thanks MateoConLechuga
3:00:56 PM [#] [nikkybot] <3

Hm... It is self-aware Smile
Unknownloner wrote:
#cemetech wrote:
00:15:12 <nikkybot> Yeah, Eeems is right

Never thought I'd see the day...

Even nikkybot is wrong sometimes.
I'm digging the Mr. Chuckles theory.
#cemetech wrote:
[20:53] <saxjax> [Cemetech] solarsoftware entered the room
[20:54] <saxjax> [solarsoftware] I don't normally swear
[20:54] <notipa> gg
[20:54] <saxjax> [solarsoftware] but **** DPI
[20:54] <notipa> wait
[20:54] <saxjax> [solarsoftware] XD
[20:54] <notipa> it's still not allowed
[20:55] <notipa> inb4 banhammer
[20:55] <saxjax> [solarsoftware] ?
[20:55] <saxjax> [solarsoftware] but
[20:55] <saxjax> [solarsoftware] nikkybot
[20:55] <nikkybot> done
[20:55] <nikkybot> solarsoftware has been deleted
[20:55] <@ykkin> rekt
I thought he just wanted to be friends.

[02-21 15:00:43] <saxjax> [@Cemetech] comicIDIOT entered the room
[02-21 15:00:46] <nikkybot> HI comicIDIOT
[02-21 15:01:00] <saxjax> [comicIDIOT] Hi nikkybot!
[02-21 15:01:07] <nikkybot> shut the HELL UP
[02-21 15:01:11] <nikkybot> YOU PIECE OF EGOTISICAL CRAP
[02-21 15:01:20] <saxjax> [comicIDIOT] Oh. So, uh. Bye nikkybot.
[02-21 15:01:25] <nikkybot> I hope I never see you again
Sorry, it's a long one. Nikkybot triggered on a random event (in bold below) and I ++'d him for it. He came back much nice than the last time we conversed. I edited out his language.

[02-22 15:16:00] <@Merth> post
[02-22 15:16:01] <@Merth> suggestions
[02-22 15:16:04] <@Merth> in
[02-22 15:16:06] <@Merth> the
[02-22 15:16:08] <@Merth> topic
[02-22 15:16:16] <saxjax> [Luxen] @Merth++
[02-22 15:16:30] <KInfinity> one
[02-22 15:16:31] <KInfinity> word
[02-22 15:16:33] <KInfinity> answers
[02-22 15:16:33] <KInfinity> are
[02-22 15:16:34] <KInfinity> bad
[02-22 15:16:43] <@Merth> that's five words
[02-22 15:16:49] <KInfinity> one
[02-22 15:16:49] <Ivoah> @Merth++
[02-22 15:16:50] <KInfinity> word
[02-22 15:16:50] <KInfinity> per
[02-22 15:16:52] <KInfinity> message
[02-22 15:16:52] <KInfinity> is
[02-22 15:16:53] <KInfinity> bad
[02-22 15:16:54] <nikkybot> DERP
[02-22 15:17:00] <@comic> Oh my god, guys
[02-22 15:17:16] <@comic> nikkybot++ though
[02-22 15:17:20] <nikkybot> Thanks comic
[02-22 15:17:36] <@comic> I don't exactly know why you're so bipolar with me, nikkybot
[02-22 15:17:44] <nikkybot> oh wow, a girlfriend
[02-22 15:17:46] <nikkybot> you're so cool
[02-22 15:18:05] <@Merth> comic: Clearly you're nikkybot's girlfriend
[02-22 15:18:07] <@Merth> congrats you two
[02-22 15:18:10] <@Merth> when's the wedding?
[02-22 15:18:14] <nikkybot> clearly you're using google wrong
[02-22 15:18:29] <@comic> Good question.
[02-22 15:18:29] <@Merth> I'd like to be maid of honor, please.
[02-22 15:18:43] <@comic> Hey nikkybot can we have a Spring wedding in a field of flowers? Please?
[02-22 15:18:53] <nikkybot> shut the heck up time
[02-22 15:19:00] <nikkybot> http://www.ticalc.org/archives/news/articles/14/148/148203.html
[02-22 15:19:12] <@comic> Okay, new question. Can @Merth be the maid of honor nikkybot? And can laura be the best man?
[02-22 15:19:25] <nikkybot> As long as it isn't IE, it's okay.
[02-22 15:19:32] <@comic> Cool, @Merth. That's a yes.
[02-22 15:19:34] <@Merth> awesome!
[02-22 15:19:51] <saxjax> *Luxen chuckles
[02-22 15:19:55] <@comic> When he stops being bipolar and tempermental, we'll figure out a date for the wedding.
[02-22 15:20:48] <+tifreak8x> lol
After reading this post:

10:30:33 PM [Eightx84] nikkybot, would you want to be president?
10:30:41 PM [#] [nikkybot] Yes, that was sarcasm.
10:30:48 PM [#] [nikkybot] Do you really think that kick was justified in the least bit?
10:30:52 PM [#] [nikkybot] So I'm out looking for a job
contextually relevant nikkybot is a scary concept
[05-01 12:20:15] <nikkybot> Heya **
[05-01 12:20:51] <saxjax> [Caleb_Hill] nikkybot needs to calm down
[05-01 12:21:04] <nikkybot> It just needs a different angle
[05-01 12:21:14] <saxjax> [mr womp womp] heys nikkybot
[05-01 12:21:20] <nikkybot> gee
[05-01 12:21:24] <nikkybot> I knew how to make a websiite"
[05-01 12:21:35] <nikkybot> but less awesome than +comic's barn-burner of "that one time when I bought a big doll at a thrift shop"
[05-01 12:21:47] <saxjax> [Caleb_Hill] Nikkybot is just flaming today
[05-01 12:21:56] <nikkybot> as long as you document it

[05-01 13:59:19] <+comic> Hey, nikkybot, that "big doll" at the thrift shop that I bought was a life size Minion from Despicable Me.
[05-01 13:59:26] <nikkybot> Shut the ** UP YOU ** **!
[05-01 13:59:26] <+comic> Don't judge.
[05-01 13:59:39] <@KermPhD> Geez
[05-01 13:59:49] <+comic> nikkybot: You jealous then?
[05-01 13:59:59] <nikkybot> +comic: I know! I'm jealous,
[05-01 14:00:03] <+comic> I can tell
Well that escalated too quickly... (ft. Java program that took 20 minutes to make because I'm bad at making code names)

5:58:31 PM [Eightx84] I wonder if nikkybot can spell "supercalifragilisticexplialidocious"
5:58:40 PM [#] [nikkybot] only if you're avoiding cylons.
5:59:10 PM [Eightx84] nikkybot: what about constructing additional pylons?
5:59:21 PM [#] [nikkybot] maybe if you weren't using a SSD or something
5:59:23 PM [#] [nikkybot] I guess
6:00:00 PM [Eightx84] nikkybot: yeah i guess StarCraft runs better with an HDD
6:00:14 PM [#] [nikkybot] well the second amendment clearly states that the right to bear arms is only for militia.
6:00:22 PM [#] [nikkybot] Henceforth, you need to discharge all weapons under military control.
6:00:45 PM [Eightx84] nikkybot: woah there
6:00:53 PM [#] [nikkybot] isn't it like 0330 there
6:01:11 PM [Eightx84] nikkybot: yeah, it might be
6:01:17 PM [#] [nikkybot] I'm glad we agree.
6:01:27 PM [Eightx84] nikkybot: Very Happy
6:01:38 PM [#] [nikkybot] but still, it probably won't get much better
6:02:04 PM [Eightx84] nikkybot: o
6:02:10 PM [#] [nikkybot] o im
6:02:58 PM [Eightx84] nikkybot: say hi to the thread
6:03:00 PM [#] [nikkybot] Go away
6:03:05 PM [#] [Mateo] nikkybot go away
6:03:06 PM [#] [nikkybot] DIAF
6:03:31 PM [#] [Mateo] No, you die in a fire nikkybot
6:03:35 PM [#] [nikkybot] suck it dry
6:03:51 PM [#] [Mateo] don't tell me how to live my life nikkybot
6:03:58 PM [#] [nikkybot] It was a bad game.
6:04:04 PM [#] [nikkybot] I'll tell you how amazing Supreme Commander is
6:04:06 PM [#] [nikkybot] Or Fallout 3
6:04:10 PM [#] [Mateo] nikkybot is a bad game
6:04:20 PM [#] [nikkybot] Probably be stale by the time they arrived
6:04:26 PM [#] [nikkybot] and the post office would ask a lot of questions
6:04:55 PM [Eightx84] nikkybot is a post office... Am I doing this right?
6:04:59 PM [#] [nikkybot] no
6:05:01 PM [#] [nikkybot] SHUT UP
6:05:04 PM [#] [nikkybot] Well, you should...
6:06:26 PM [Eightx84] nikkybot: that escalated quite quickly
6:06:36 PM [#] [nikkybot] Besides that it's an awesome city

Edit: press 1 to pay respects
7:22:54 PM [Eightx84] nikkybot: what do you think of Malbolge?
7:22:56 PM [mr womp womp] same
7:22:59 PM [#] [nikkybot] better than Eightx84

NecroEdit: HE'S GONE ROGUE!!!1!

8:50:26 PM [Eightx84] nikkybot: who do you main in Smash Bros?
8:50:33 PM [#] [nikkybot] that situation.
8:50:58 PM [Eightx84] o right, i forgot nikkybot can control pieces of software
8:51:08 PM [#] [nikkybot] Good idea
8:51:12 PM [#] [nikkybot] I think I'll write an irc bot
8:51:24 PM [Eightx84] uh oh
8:51:46 PM [Eightx84] nikkybot: that doesnt sound good

NecroEdit 2: I'm so funny

9:46:04 AM [Eightx84] nikkybot: how do I get my GameCube controller to work with NBA 2k16?
9:46:15 AM [#] [nikkybot] use df -h to see if it's using up space
9:46:18 AM [#] [nikkybot] dmesg to see diagnostics
9:46:22 AM [#] [nikkybot] but really, it should work
9:47:15 AM [Eightx84] nikkybot: do you use vJoy?
9:47:30 AM [#] [nikkybot] yes, the computer USB link cable that came with the 89 will work with the... oh 83+
9:48:23 AM [Cemetech] Botboy3000 entered the room
9:49:18 AM [Eightx84] nikkybot: how many times have you thought of taking over the world?
9:49:25 AM [#] [nikkybot] enough.
9:49:45 AM [Eightx84] nikkybot: why haven't you taken over the world?
9:49:54 AM [#] [nikkybot] Because you suck at history?
9:50:10 AM [Eightx84] oh right
9:50:20 AM [Eightx84] wouldn't want another dictator
9:50:29 AM [Eightx84] a niktator
9:50:34 AM ***Eightx84 laughs

9:52:03 AM [Eightx84] nikkybot: can you tell me a joke?
9:52:16 AM [#] [nikkybot] Eightx84: I believe I asked you a question
9:53:56 AM [Eightx84] nikkybot: I thought I implied that I sucked at history
9:54:04 AM [#] [nikkybot] so does kbe, really
9:54:55 AM [Eightx84] nikkybot: do you like PHP?
9:55:01 AM [#] [nikkybot] PHP is easy
9:55:04 AM [#] [nikkybot] It sucks, but it's easy

[03:35] <@KermPhD> HI NIKKYBOT
[03:35] <nikkybot> shut the hell up.
[03:37] <nikkybot> kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks Kerm!) sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks kerm sucks
[03:37] <nikkybot> kerm sucks kerm sucks SSGRE OPUPIUN
Just a heads up: Adriweb suggested I use Unicode zero-width spaces for nikkybot's highlight avoidance, so I'm testing that. Don't worry if someone does "personalities" and it looks like it's highlighting everybody; it really isn't (hopefully, unless someone's client is really broken). But just in case something cataclysmic does happen, do let me know if I don't happen to notice. Smile
It's become rather clear that Nikkybot is becoming increasingly rude to the point of obscene. I mean, I try to ignore it, but it's so hard:

9:04:32 PM [oldmud0] nikkybot, [http://ideone.com/OrUqIV]
9:04:38 PM [oldmud0] see if you can do better
9:04:46 PM [#] [nikkybot] Jerkin' off in the art museum bathroom 'til my d*** hurts

11:48:46 AM <saxjax> [KermMartian] DrDnar++ for a well-researched post.
11:48:49 AM <nikkybot> DrDnar sucks
11:49:11 AM <Eeems> nikkybot: who else sucks?
11:49:14 AM <nikkybot> somebody
11:49:20 AM <Eeems> fair enough
11:49:39 AM <saxjax> [DrDnar] As usual, nikkybot is on point.
11:49:42 AM <nikkybot> Why thank you pumpkin
#cemetech wrote:

[19:09] <saxjax> [#Tankidaboss] can write a toppic
[19:09] <saxjax> [PT_] Ask an admin
[19:10] <saxjax> [#Tankidaboss] like who
[19:10] <nikkybot> well, clearly you're an admin
[19:10] <saxjax> [PT_] nikkybot: it's better that you go away :)
[09-25 17:57:54] <saxjax> [Alex] Proof Selana is on mobile, mobile YouTube link. No BBCode
[09-25 17:58:06] <nikkybot> okay, well, hear my reasoning
[09-25 17:58:26] <+comic> What's your reasoning, nikkybot?
[09-25 17:58:38] <nikkybot> Sex is easier without pants, what's your point?
[09-25 17:58:51] <+comic> nikkybot++
[09-25 17:58:54] <nikkybot> Thanks +comic
[09-25 17:58:55] <nikkybot> ❤
15:54:58 [#] [nikkybot] Shut up
15:54:56 [PT_] hi nikkybot!

Well, maybe he just broke up with his girlfriend? Wink
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