Loganb128 wrote:
Maybe a war game, such as "commanding" an army. Like just sending out a bunch of soldiers represented by points on a graph. And the more enemies you kill the more money you have to buy more soldiers. I have already made a swarm program that uses an ai to make a large group of points go to a certain spot. All I would need is some modification to that program.

If you intend on making this into a complete game (rather than just an idea), and need help doing so, you should definitely create a topic for it where people can help out with questions you might have or optimizations you could bring! Best of luck with this project and I look forward to seeing it blossom if you do indeed decide to take on this project Very Happy
I do have some friends that are avid ti basic programmers like I am. So if I can get som elf them to pitch in we may be able to do this Smile
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