Somehow, no one has shared this yet:

Comes with Clara, Doctors 11 (accessorized with a fez) + 12 (accessorized with a sonic screwdriver), a TARDIS, and two daleks.
They really want Peter Jackson part of DW directing..
Too more aptly suit our "Quality over Quantity" *cough cough*, I'll write a summary of the article with my own narrative.

Apparently Steven is doing one more season then leaving Doctor Who in 2017. Sadly, it'll be the end of 2017 as the next show runner, Chris Chibnall, will take over in Spring 2018. This means there will be no Doctor Who in 2016 aside from the Christmas Special because the BBC wants to make it a big event next year. Chibnall is best known for his writing of Broadchurch. Moffat didn't give a reason for leaving other than that his "timey-wimey" is running out. Personally, I feel Moffat does a wonderful job with Sherlock and the Winter Special, which aired on January 1st 2016, was phenomenal. I wish I could say the same thing with some of his time with Doctor Who. I look forward to his future endeavors and his continuation on Sherlock.
I'm excited about Moffat leaving, because as my close Doctor-Who loving friends know, I've been a pretty constant critic of his work with Doctor Who. I've found the plots of the show since he took the helm to be too fantastic (as opposed to harder science fiction), too disjointed, and in many cases, downright incoherent (the dragon-egg-moon one? Come on). In addition, I found Moffat directing the show into a corner, where the only possible way up was EVEN MORE EPIC OMG EVERYTHING IS ENDING; see also: the finales of most seasons under Moffat's reign. I was far more a fan of Russell T. Davies' measured approach to the Doctor, making him someone who often succeeded, was flawed and sometimes failed, and was a more serious (if no less emotional) character. I hope the next showrunner will return to RTD's style of leadership.
My take has always been: RTD was a good showrunner (though no stranger to the ALWAYS ESCALATE THE FINALE syndrome, Moffat did it more, but only because RTD had already escalated to absurd proportions by The End of Time), but a poor episode writer. Moffat was a great episode writer, but a very poor showrunner.

That said Chris Chibnall, though he has a very spotty record as a script writer, has apparently done good work as a showrunner elsewhere, so I'm optimistic. Who knows, we might even get a Capaldi season under new leadership?
I've enjoyed a decent chunk of Moffat's time, but there have definitely been plots or just small things that I've found a little weird / annoying. Some of his "solutions", such as the Tesseract being the "dying Doctor" were a little too easy in my opinion.

In any case, I am looking forward to seeing how he ends his tenure, and to see how the show will develop under Chibnall!
I guess I'll bump this as the official non-spoilers topic for DW?

Daaang, that's an awesome callback! I had no idea that that was anything other than a throwaway line. Smile
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