I've been working on some 68k Basic programming to get myself interested in coding again. I've decided to port programs from Kerm's excellent book. I've currently succeeded in porting the Polygon Drawer. Any specific programs that people would like ported? I'm currently working on the mouse and cheese game.
Alright, after a very long hiatus, I finally finished the port to the 68k calculators of the mouse and cheese game. Please leave a comments about re-balancing and/or graphics errors.
Thanks for circling back to this project, ordelore! I don't have my TI-89 with me to test it, but I hope some of our other 68k users will get a chance to try it. Do you have other programs you're planning to port from the book next?
As of now, not really. the Polygon Maker and Mouse & Cheese were my two targets.
If you have any suggestions, I will gladly take them.
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