Hello and welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse House!

The idea of this house was spawned (har har) when comic dropped us at a cool little valley, then flew around and began spawning zombies. CharlesSprinkle showed us a video of hermitcraft players playing a game with tnt, and said we needed to do more things like that. SO! The Zombie Apocalypse House was born. Smile

Sadly, I knew that we are coming up on the end of life for the 1.8 map, so, for this map, I went with a much smaller house than I planned on, so I could do testing and the like to make it more amazing for 1.9. The idea is to have at least 3 locations (for this location) that spawns 32 zombies.

We tried it with pigmen, we were overrun and killed in seconds. Neutral

The following are locations where the zombies come into the house at:

Zombies are dropped down the chimney on the main floor, to find them some delicious brains

See the cluster of webs to the right? They drop down a chute there to come at you from the basement level

There is a hole in the ceiling from which they are spawned and drop down to begin their assault

This system is activated via button press on the main floor. Thanks goes out to Pyro for building the dispenser system Smile He did a fantastic job!

Video! https://youtu.be/UqrtP98_Nv4
I saw this in action today, it looks very fun! I can't wait until events are hosted here and on the improved 1.9 version!
I got to take on the zombies a few times since this was built and it's been sooo much fun! Very Happy Definitely a nice way to increase your XP and get some anger out Razz hah! Everyone really should check it out

Awesome job on the house tifreak8x! I look forward to the bigger house in 1.9 and if you need any assistance, let me know Smile
Selena and I took the time to set up a video showing off the zombie house Very Happy WOO

Also posted in the first post. \o/
Haha, you said "Cemetech" properly in the video, since I wasn't around to tease. Wink The video looks great, and seems properly professionally done and narrated. It looked super-fun from the video, and I can't wait to give it a try. Congratulations both on the impressive project (not to mention its future form on the 1.9 server) and the excellent video.
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