Happy birthday tifreak!
Happy Birthday! Thank you for all the work you did!
Grow big and get many presents! Razz
Happy Birthday! Smile
Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday!
KermMartian wrote:
We've made it to another exciting tifreak8x birthday! Please join me in sending very warm wishes to one of our most dedicated administrators, not to mention the one that has been serving with us the longest. Happy birthday!

*wanders about aimlessly, shaking his cane at random bushes and yelling*


Thanks everyone Smile Good to have survived another year.

And Weregoose++
Hey happy birthday man! Enjoy Very Happy.
Happy belated birthday tifreak! What kind of dessert did you have?
pecan pie with vanilla ice cream \o/
Another year, another birthday. Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day, tifreak8x! I hope it's a pleasant, peaceful, calm one for you.
Happy birtyday, tifreak! Very Happy
Happy birthday!
Best wishes!
Happy Birthday, tifreak!
Of course I see how lame it is to just say "Happy birthday!" after virtually half of the forum just did so. But well, not like there's much I can do about it. </rant>

Happy birthday, from me too! Smile
Thanks guys Smile The thought definitely counts!
Happy birthday! I hope that you are having a good one Very Happy
Birthday happy!

Darn, I messed that up too!
While 1
Disp "Happy Birthday tifreak!"
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