The keen-eyed among you may have noticed something missing at the beginning of September: the Projects of the Month (POTM) post for August's programs. I would like to apologize to you all for my failure in getting it posted. Near the beginning of August, I lost most of the help I had dealing with my father's work, as I, along with a family member, have been covering for his work while he recovers from injuries. She went back to school, and I was left with her portion of the work. This has meant being up by 4:30 every morning and not being done until around 2PM with the normal job of throwing newspapers, and spending until much later in the afternoon of Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, working on throwing up to 1500 free newspapers our paper offers. As you can imagine, this leaves little energy to do other things. With the help of KermM, we now have this PotM post to bring to you. Thank you, sir.

I also want to apologize if your project didn't make it to this list. As I'm still trying to adjust to the extra work load (yes, it's been over a month, but it's still a lot to deal with) I wanted to be certain that we got this news post out. So, without further ado:

  • Reuben Quest 3: A brand new in-progress game in the Reuben Quest series by Sorunome, written in z80 assembly for the monochrome calculators. This RPG will feature a completely new, untold story, with much nicer grayscale over previous versions, and a new type of battle system. He's released a demo you can play, so if you like RPGs, you should definitely check this one out.

  • CSE Roguelike: Zeldaking has come back with an impressive screenshot showing off his roguelike game for the CSE, with some good-looking sprites and fast-paced gameplay. He also has a few things left to add in before it's ready for release, check out the link to the forum post to get more info!

  • Tourn: Tourn is an arcade-style fighting game that utilizes some of Doors CSE's libraries to offer you a variety of arenas in which to battle. You have a choice of attack types, and the ability to block, all on a few different difficulty settings. Check this topic out if you've been missing a fighting game in your life.

  • Tanks 2: A new Tanks game in progress by Luxen, who wants to try some new ideas out with this version, but needs your feedback and support! Check out his (currently unanswered) topic and give him some ideas on what he might try.

  • LaserGame CSE: PT_ has brought some pretty impressive updates to his laser guiding game, cleaning up code, removing the status bar, and more. Check it out in his thread for a screenshot and more information about his project!

  • First Fantasy CE: DJ_O has ported up his RPG game from the CSE to the CE utilizing DrDnar's Text color changing library for the CE. This RPG features some fantastic text graphics and an interesting use of text size and color changing for animations. Check out the thread for an impressive array of screenshots and download link!

  • Text Sprite Generator: mr womp womp has created a text sprite generator program to help programmers make fast displayable graphics for their games and programs.

  • TIIMP: Nik has taken up the project of making a GIMP clone for the TI-83+ and TI-84+ graphing calculators. He's managed to get a nice intro animation going, and the menu looks really nice. He's been using it as a way to get more familiar with the xLIB and Celtic 3 hybrid TI-BASIC libraries, so it's still very much in development. The topic has several awesome screenshots and loads of discussion on features, so bounce in and check it out!

  • Shades CE: This is a game best described as a cross between Tetris and 2048, where you have different shades of tiles you have to combine in a line to get them to disappear. Check out the topic for a video better explaining game play and check out screenshots of what they've got going so far!

  • Aqua Wars: Project by 123outerme that puts you in control of a ship and travel the seven seas. It appears he is shooting for the game to change based on choices made in jobs taken, based on being in the Navy, a pirate, or a mercenary. Take a look at the topic for some awesome looking screenshots and progress updates!

  • Robot Wars 2: Dianzi tian has brought another update to RW2! He's posted up a to do list before he releases a version we get to play with, so be on the look out for a potential release in the near(?) future!

  • Tetric A: Continuing a long line of Tetric/Tetrizm games, Kerm Martian has released Tetric A, a Tetris game for the TI-84 Plus CE. It's a port of Tetric A for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, which itself is a port of Tetrizm for the Casio Prizm. Packed with four different modes, Tetric A challenges you with Marathon (standard) mode, Touchdown, Cascade, and even Sadistic mode, which has no straight line pieces. You can check out a video of Tetric A in action, or head to the topic to download it and offer feedback.

  • OnBlock for TI-84 Plus CE: At the request of Cemetech user andressevilla, programmer extraordinaire MateoConLechuga ported OnBlock to the TI-84 Plus CE. This handy little assembly program prevents [ON] from interrupting TI-BASIC programs, allowing TI-BASIC programmers to make password and security programs.

  • Flow Free: This TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition game by PT_ is a port of a very popular smartphone App. If you ever played the old Windows 95 game Pipe Dream, you might be familiar with the concept: You need to fill the board with pipes to connect a source and a drain of the same color. PT_ has made a lot of progress with gameplay, and is currently working on the tedious process of porting levels to his game. Stop by his topic to give him feedback.

  • TI-FLOW: Independently, jonbush and earthnite have been working on a Flow Free game for the monochrome TI-84 Plus calculators. Written in pure TI-BASIC, it uses letters instead of colors, and has been making steady progress. Other Cemetech members have been offering optimizations and feedback, so if you'd like to contribute, stop by the topic!

  • Abba Caving Calculator: If you enjoy Minecraft, you might be familiar with Abba Caving, a competitive way to mine for valuables in Minecraft. We hold Abba Caving matches a lot on the Cemetech Minecraft server (, but totaling each player's score at the end of the game can be mysteriously error-prone. To make it faster and easier, tifreak8x has made a TI-84 Plus CSE and TI-84 Plus CE Abba Caving Calculator. Simply enter how many of each ore a player found, and the program tells you the player's score. And if you think the concept is cool, you should be on our server, competing against us!

  • Text Editor: Never idle for too long, MateoConLechuga has released a text viewer and editor for the TI-84 Plus CE. This interesting gem can easily be compared to notepad on your calculator, with the ability to convert them on the pc to transfer down to your calc! Definitely a needed piece of software for any student.

  • Mario for TI-84 Plus CE: Mateo is in the process of creating a Mario game for the CE. The released test images show amazing graphics for this game, and the video goes on to show off some of the animations. There's a very long way to go with this, and some high expectations by Mateo himself, so keep an eye on his topic to see what else gets added to the game, and when you might be able to get a beta to play with!

  • Desolate Rewrite: Director's Cut: Blah blah tr1p1ea. Like, really. tr1p is back to work on this classic 83+ game, giving it some upgrades and moving it up to an application. The game has a few new things going for it, like reflections off the floor, and some upgrades to items and weapons. Check out the thread for the details on what's been done, and what's yet to come for this amazing project!

Thank you all, for contributing to our forums with your wonderful projects, we hope to see more amazing projects like the ones listed above! Until next month, happy coding!
I did so little of the work for this, percentage-wise; the fact that we have such a complete PotM once more is almost entirely due to your tireless and selfless work. It looks great, and thanks for mentioning Tetric A!
Thanks again tifreak, i missed a couple of those projects. It's great to see that there's still so many projects going on.
Thank you tifreak Very Happy And thanks for featuring Shades Smile

I'll go back and polish up BasicNote eventually... eventually.
I'm looking forward to BasicNote being done, especially with PT_'s color port in the pipeline. To echo Chickendude, I also got some more information about projects to which I hadn't really paid attention yet. Smile
Hopefully I can get around to including vertical text sprites in some update at some point in time. (I do have some rudimentary code written down in my notebook, but It doesn't yet work (haven't actually coded anything on a calculator or computer yet, but I can tell from looking at it that there are some mistakes)
Anyways, thanks tifreak, first time I make it on the list Razz
Thank you tifreak! Great work as usual Smile Looks like a lot of neat projects been a-happening!
Tifreak, really thank you for putting TIIMP there but you forgot to mention that it has a technical delay currently Wink
However I hope to pick it up in maximally two weeks, then I will have time for sure.
Hehe, the ever-silent 'tanks 2' topic... on that note, i havent worked all that much on it, as i've been spending my time either playing touhoumon (pokemon bootleg with touhou story), polishing up plotlib by bits and peices, playing world of tanks, and touching InDimension.

But, im mostly done with plotlib's facelift, so I can start working on tanks 2 again.
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