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So, the idea is to smoothly upscale pixel-graphics on a monochrome calc (perhaps color too?) by 4x. I have 3 examples of different ways to upscale them, and would love some feedback as to which one you think looks best. Here is a picture, and we'll call the styles "blocky", "curvy", and "filled".

A favorable property in upscaling is area proportionality: in some (but not all) cases, I would want any 4-pixel region to map to about 64 pixels. I prefer the "curvy" method because it balances smoothness with this property.
Hmm... I would say blocky since it stays true to what the original one was exactly, but if I had to choose one of the other 2 I would say curvy, because of what lirto said.

Also, is this in TI-Basic? What's the code you have for it?
Personally, I prefer the "filled" filled method. Now you have three options to choose from! This is because it maintains the same look as the original, just larger. Blocky might be best to preserve time though, it looks like.
Ohh, I remember making upscaling routines on my 84+ back in the day Razz (around 9 years ago maybe)

Anyway, I prefer filled. The only issue is, I suppose, the inability to "zoom out" and get the original sprite (at least, not with always 100% accuracy ?). But it may not be an issue at all if you don't want/need that.
I am really enjoying the feedback, it's helping me see this with new eyes. To address Ardiweb, there are ways to zoom back out if not given the original image and the output be the same as the original, there is not an issue there. To address Mateo, I'm not completely sure what you mean by "filled" filled. And to address Michael, I have no code yet, but I do have pseudo forming in my head, it won't be hard to implement. I like the "curvy" for the smoothness and pixel ratios, but "filled" had this sort of clean look to it that is attractive. And I could write it to detect if it needs to be drawn black on white (like shown) or inverted, per how much of it is black vs white.
The filled is looking very nice Smile.
Thanks to your feedback, I have decided to implement ALL of the ways. The user would choose which one to apply. I personally like filled the best, as it looks the least like "pixels", but then again, the curvy and blocky types have their uses. Again guys, thanks!
If you haven't seen it yet, you should look at this page: http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/people/kopf/pixelart/supplementary/index.html for stylistic inspiration.
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