Greetings - I am launching a multipart treasure hunt. This first bit will contain 2 chests. Remember, I earn my living through my steakhouse, so the first section of the hunt will be centered around that .


First one gets the treasure!

Post screen shot here after discovery...good luck!
Said treasure is found. But I'm not sure if you mean 2 chests as in there is another chest besides this one based on this post alone.

OK so you found the second chest actually, which is meant to be easier than the first chest (logic, right). There is still 1 chest not found in a location described by the first clue.
HINT: there are 17 "cows"
HINT 2: these cows are visible from the sky, and are in the light.
HINT3: seek the land of one of your friends, near which the treasure lies!

Online at the time of this post:

So, the race to theh first treasure is now over! TurquoiseDrag0n and I (CalvinplayzYT) ended up teaming up to find it. We got to the 17 "cows" but we couldn't find the treasure which was just underground and ten blocks away! Anyways, we did find it, and much leather Razz

Some screenshots:

The "cows"

The hunters

The loot.
Congratulations on finding it! This seems like it was a fun hunt, ydabba, and moreover, I think it's a great example of users creating their own treasure hunts. I hope to make at least one more hunt before our 1.8 map closes as an administrator, but I hope other players will follow CharlesSprinkle and ydabba's excellent example in creating their own.
Yes, it was fun, and hard to figure out! I also hope to be able to make one in the future, though that depends on how many prizelike things I have Razz
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