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Welcome to the CemetechMC PvP League! This league is now maintained by an IRC bot I wrote (In other words, I wrote an IRC bot (named PvPBot) that handles PvP rankings and match types and stuff that exists in #cemetech-mc). There are a few rules the bot cannot enforce, but those will be covered in this topic.

Match Types
There are two types of ranked matches, Competitives and Brawls.
Competitives: A two player ranked match. The rankings are based on Glicko ratings and can be accessed here. (points to my subdomain on the CW server, as it is the only server I can use atm)
Brawls: A ranked match with more than two players. The rankings are score-based (1 point per kill, 2 bonus points for being the last one standing) and can be accessed here. (same deal with the CW server)

  • All weapons and armor must be made of iron or a lesser material.
  • No enchanted armor or weapons
  • No potions
  • Bows are allowed, but you may only carry 1 stack of arrows to a brawl, and 16 arrows total to a competitive
  • All matches must be in designated arenas
  • If you are affected by a town beacon while in an arena, you may not participate in any matches there
  • All items must be returned to their respective owners after a match, with the exclusion of arrows (since arrows can be lost and never picked up)
  • All matches must go through the bot (instructions below)
  • All matches that do not go through the bot without a public announcement beforehand that the match exists and is unranked are considered "not agreed upon" and therefore are disallowed
  • Don't abuse the bot!

PvPBot Commands
Warning: since the bot resides on IRC and not on the server, there are certain things it can not check, which can lead to bot abuse. Please don't abuse the bot.
  • !help - points to this topic
  • !rankings - points to the rankings page
  • !brawlscores - points to the brawl scores page
  • !challenge <player> - challenges a player to a competitive
  • !challenge <player1> <player2> <etc...> - challenges multiple players to a brawl
  • !accept - accept a challenge from another player (The match starts as soon as the last person accepts, so please make sure all participants are in the arena before !challenge is called.)
  • !decline - declines a match. This stops all pre-match proceedings, so !challenge must be called again if someone !declines

Things to Note
  • If something unexpected occurs with the bot, contact me to restart it.
  • The source is available on my GitHub. Feel free to contribute if you want to.
  • You automatically lose your match if you disconnect from the server or die in any way, even if you haven't accepted the match yet. If you don't want to accept, !decline is key.
  • All decisions by Kerm, the CemetechMC admins, and myself are final

Designated Arenas
Arenas subject to change by pimath or others who can edit this post.
  • pimath's/XiiDraco's PvPlace - 3 level underground arena with pitfalls and lava, surrounding a large lava lamp. No spectator seating. Built with brawls in mind. Located in Arcadia next to the RTS (Enter pimath/XiiDraco's house and follow the signs) - Affected by a beacon.
  • Chauronslilsis's Arena - Single level arena with gates that open/close from the outside. Lots of spectator seating, and box seating available for 100d (free for leaders and admins). Built with general PvP in mind. Located in Moenia (largest building. Has a path leading to the entrance, go up the stairs to seating, or through the tunnels to the arena floor)
  • Unicorn/Bee_toxin's Arena - Large arena with parkour platforms (tree trunks) throughout. Has chests with prizes for winners. Built with general PvP in mind. Glass roof in progress for spectators. Located in Arcadia by the south gate (Enter the gate, turn left, go in the house, then down the ladders). - Note: this is not an arena plot (yet). Once it is, Arcadians can use it, but until then, no arcadians can use it.

So some people (including myself) have been building/have built arenas around the Cemetech server, and that got me thinking about setting up a league for PvP. This thread is to bounce ideas around for the possible league.

1) Match Types:
I was thinking there would be three types of matches, "friendlies," "competitives," and "brawls." "Friendlies" would have no competitive outcome, while "competitives" would get recorded for wins/losses and cause players to be ranked on a leaderboard. Brawls are matches with three or more combatants and will be put on a second, point-based, leaderboard.

2) Match Rules/Restrictions:
Competitives would have to be in designated arenas and contain only two combatants. Brawls would have to be in designated arenas and contain more than 2 combatants. Match results for competitives and brawls would be posted in this thread and the result would cause the leaderboard to update. A match must be declared a competitive or a brawl publicly before match start in order to be ranked. In competitives or brawls, all weapons/armor must be made of iron or a lesser material and may not be enchanted. Bows are allowed as well, so long as they are not enchanted either. Use of enchanted or higher-material weapons or armor immediately results in a loss in a competitive or zero kills in a brawl.

3) Rankings/Leaderboards:
For competitives, the leaderboard could be a simple, win-loss leaderboard. The person with the highest number of wins is at the top of the leaderboard, and in the case of the same number of wins, the person with the least losses is ranked above the people with more losses.
It could also be based in the Glicko or Glicko-2 rating system.
Rankings get reset quarterly.
For brawls, you get a point for each kill. The person with the most points is at the top of the leaderboard.

Anyways, those are my suggestions/rules. If any modifications should be made, comment. If you want to just put an opinion, also comment.
I like it! kitPVP is certainly my favorite type of gameplay, so this should be fun if it happens! May I suggest a reward to the winner of the games?
People still play Minecraft? Hunh
allynfolksjr wrote:
People still play Minecraft? Hunh

HA! I like how World of Warcraft is added in. I would say it is a depressant when loosing it.
what rating system would you guys prefer for competitives?
I added a poll and a link to the Glicko option explaination.
Glicko seems rather complicated.
Otherwise, I have a good idea for a pvp map, just I hope no on would mess with it in the wilderness as I need a lot of space for it. Maybe I could put it underground... Hmmm...
Bump: It's official. We're ready to roll.

Any matches set yet?
It doesn't look like any yet. Assuming the bot's working, if there are any matches, both the leaderboards should update.

EDIT: added a list of arenas (all of the ones I know about)
I'm working on an arena under my house in Arcadia, if you want to add that when I finish.

EDIT: CVsoft, Acag and I just had a brawl, but when Acag accepted, it said he didn't have any matches to accept. We fought anyway and Acag won, and the bot said that he won. A text bug maybe? didn't show ACag in the brawl. It seems either his name was misspelled in the challenge, or there was a parsing error. Either way, I'll reboot the bot and clear the csv.
I know I spelled his name right because I tabbed him in.
allright. It was a parsing error then. restarting the bot/csv now.
Just finished my arena! It is under my house in Arcadia, and has a foresty theme. The chests in the middle are for winners of brawls and matches. Have fun!

I'll be adding a glass roof for spectators.

If you take anything from the chests without my consent, it will be stealing.
Is it affected by any beacons? I need to know so I can add the information to the original post accurately.
It is not, at the moment.
How would you describe how to get to your house/arena?
Follow the road away from ydabba church then turn right and my house is at the end of the road. Currently, you have to go into my house, then down a ladder on the left, then down another ladder on the left to get to the arena. Once and if I get another plot, I will make an external entrance. It is in arcadia, south entrance, the building with a whole bunch of redstone.
Added! Please get one of the Arcadia mayors to do a "/plot set arena" on the plot(s) the arena resides on, so arcadians can use it.
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