KermMartian wrote:
Heh, I know, I was joking too. I agree with you that the owner or main admin should have the highest postcount, although I'm sure some people would disagree. I was just making it a rather verbose post to boost my wordcount ratio some more. Wink

I would say that most people are indifferent. It makes SENSE that the owner would have the highest post count, but it isn't necessarily something that SHOULD be. I mean seriously, who really cares? Its fun to brag about and such, but in the grand scheme of things, the success of the site is not dependent upon how many posts the owner makes, nor the total amount of words.
This is sorta like how it is/was on I'm second (non-admin) in karma, but I have >100 less posts and am quite far behind on topics and polls, but I'm still <20 away from the 'leader'.
Necropost. Also, bam. 11k.

Only 24 left to go! Or 15384... Razz
I still remember my first post...
And the time when my posts vanished into nothing...
Congrats! It's been ~1000 quality posts, too. Keep up the quality contributions, Mateo; it's a pleasure having you around Smile
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