Hello! I lucked out at a pawn shop today, and got a CBL2 with a light probe! I played around with it with the 84+CSE screen, and noticed it can tell the difference between a black spot and a white spot, so I decided to make Whack-a-Mole using xLIBC. Here's a screenshot!

I kind of had to fake the CBL input for the sake of the screenshot, but it gives you the idea.

You can download it here:
That's pretty friggin awesome Very Happy Awesome job!
The linking code can be optimized by using Command 3 realtime sampling instead of Command 9 get sensor data point. The full syntax for command 3 is Send({3,time between each sample, number of samples, trigger mode, trigger channel, trigger threshold, data pre-store, external clock, time record mode, data filtering, fast mode}). For realtime sampling, most of these are useless and only the first three are needed. The number of samples is -1 to specify realtime sampling, and trigger mode is 0 to start immediately. Thus, use Send({3,time between each sample, -1, 0}). On each Get( command, the returned list will look like {sampled value, (another sampled value if another channel is set up, ...), seconds since last sample}. Keep firing Get(s at the CBL2 until you're done. However, especially with older OS versions, the CBL2 does not enter low power mode when you stop giving it Get(s, so when you want to stop sampling send either {0} (more favorable for your setup) or {6,0}. Note that Get( will block until a valid data point is collected, so use a small sample interval, say around 0.1 second.

:Fix 5
:Repeat getKey
Wow awesome! How much did the CBL2 set you back? (If you dont mind me asking?).
It was 24 bucks! Pawn shops are neat Smile
You can find them with sensors on eBay for about $50, and Vernier LabPros for about $90. So yes, that pawn shop find saved you a lot of money.
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