Feature request: rectangular selection in the sprite editor so users can copy/cut/paste.

Edit: Now that I see it can import and export .png files, I care a lot less about this feature.
Heh, yeah, once you start getting into more advanced editing stuff like selections and what not, it's usually easier to just use your editor of choice and import it later.
I am trying to use Token to make color sprite sheets on a Mac, opening the .exe film with Wine. Every time I try to save anything, it crashes and all my progress is lost. Is this a bug, or is Wine doing something that I do not know of?
Is there any chance of adding an option to specify which direction tiles are in an xLIBC tile image? Row-major or Col-major? That might help compatibility with other tools as well?
I probably could. What other tools are out there that do it differently?
There are some people who have been using mappy and such or even created tilesets in paint programs but have the tiles organised differently.

Plus its a way of mitigating the impact of my ill-advised appvar format description :S!

This way Tokens will be able to fit in with all other tools!

(By the way i've been using Tokens a fair bit lately, great work!).
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