Just wondering if there is a way to have the calculator show up in a separate window. Right now I have to scroll up and down constantly to use the emulator and it's a bit distracting and inefficient. I know the Wabbit emulator just appears as a separate window but I need one that I can run on a Chromebook so this is a better option.

heresolong, welcome to Cemetech. I assume that you're talking about the jsTIfied calculator emulator? Are you using it within SourceCoder, or on its own page? Is the problem that the distance from the top of the calculator's screen to the bottom of the calculator's keyboard is longer than the height of your browser's window? If the scrolling up and down is to click the keys at the bottom of the calculator, one workaround might be to memorize some of the keyboard shortcuts for the keys (for example, on the bottom row, [.] is [.], [0] is [0], [-] is [(-)], and [ENTER] is [ENTER]). Another option might be to use your browser's zoom feature to zoom out slightly.
It is open within a window in the forum. I guess I'm looking for an easy way to force it into it's own window.

I'd rather not have to use keyboard shortcuts as I will be using this with students and they are not familiar with the calculator yet.
Sorry to be so slow to respond about this! I have considered allowing users with .edu email addresses to pop jsTIfied into its own window for the sake of in-class demonstrations, although I have to wonder if that will help in this case, because I'd expect the browser window to still be essentially the same height. I definitely understand that you'd rather click on the keys (and I should add that I want to introduce a feature where the keys will show more graphically that they've been clicked).
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