Ditto puddle:
Aww, Ditto <3

I have a small army of them on Pokemon Y, one of them has perfect IVs across the board.

I should put it in the Pokemon Amie and see what it is like to play with Ditto..
Here's another:

ahahaha psyduck <3 I always got a good laugh out of him in the anime.

Not really a picture, but awesome because I finally did it in Y.


Giant(ish) picture incoming.
In Tokens, it's a 5558 x 5808 pixel image.
I have to say that that was fairly amazing and I hope there are many more episodes to come from them
Pure Genius. It is amazing with the not-so-subtle humor that pokes fun at the games.
Pokemon shaming is hilarious.
Several of the pokemon related facebook groups I watch have been posting up a bunch, and I've loved everyone.

I see pictures there I haven't seen yet, though!
Someone finished a speedrun of red in under 2 hours: http://pocketmonster.kotaku.com/a-new-world-record-for-beating-pokemon-red-1610063829

Good crossover Smile

Mulan Pokemon parody.

Awesome artist that draws cool/cute Pokemon related things. That webcam is hilarious to watch. Very Happy


This is delicious looking. Very Happy
Whoa! That is pretty awesome, I wish I could do that. Is "Gargas" something related to pokemon?

This amused me, for whatever reason.
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