I was thinking that it would be easier to use SC3 if when your typing line is on a keyword that needs a End, such as If, While, For, etc. It bolds, or highlights the End for that specific loop/If. And vice versa, if the line is over a End statement, it shows the start point. Also for brackets, like in MS Excel how when a bracket is closed it shows the starting brack

I got this idea because recently I have been nesting quite a few For(), While and If statements, and it gets a bit complex and it takes away time coding if I have to count these. Plus when using lists or matrices to populate function arguments there are a lot of brackets to keep track of in order to make sure the order of operations is correct. I'm not sure how easy this is, but I suppose it isn't impossible. But I definitely think it is a worthwhile feature. Please consider adding this.
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