I've recently started trying to build an app for my Ti-84+ Silver Edition, and I've run into a problem. I used Basic Builder to turn one of my Ti-BASIC programs into a .hex file. I then used the ti83+ SDK to save this as a .8xk app. When I try to test this in the SDK it works fine on my computer, but then I try to send the .8xk file to my calculator and I get an error "Incompatible Type". Any help? Thanks!
Which key did you use to sign your BASICBuilder app, Marvin? Was it the so-called "0104 key"? If so, I can't think of a reason why TI-Connect would refuse to send that signed app to your hardware calculator.
I think I realized that I needed to sign the app. I just used WAPPSIGN to sign it with the 10A key from here: http://brandonw.net/calculators/keys/.
But when I tried to send it to my calculator I got the error "USB communication error: Flash application has a bad signature" Should I use a different key?
Oh wait, I just signed it with the 104 key, and it worked!
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