*bump* Here's how things ended up working out for me:

A further progress update on my summer:

:: Complete 14-week summer internship with IBM Watson -> Finished the whole thing, had a blast. Might get a patent or paper out of it.
:: Complete a new appendix to "Programming the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus" that covers the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. -> Finished! But in two months, my publisher hasn't said a thing about it.

:: Publish Doors CS 7.3 and Doors CSE 8.1. -> Doors CSE 8.1 is done. Doors CS 7.3 is continues to not be published, pending CALCnet BASIC fixes.
:: Finish PartyMode 2 once and for all. -> Done, documented, and published!
JamesV wrote:
In terms of coding:
- Finish AB5 v2. This is definitely achievable and I'll be disappointed if I don't get it done. It's moving along at a good pace though. I'm still struggling with the link play though, so I'm not sure if I'll have that ready in v2, but I've recently added a bunch more features that I hadn't intended on doing, so that will make me content for now Smile
- Continue experimenting with what might possibly be my next TI-84+CSE project. If I can achieve decent enough performance, I'll start planning this out for hopefully a release next year sometime.

In terms of non-coding:
- Get as many skydives in as possible. Given that it's coming into winter here - and that I can only jump on weekends when the weather isn't too bad - I'm hoping I can get another 20 or so jumps in, which will get me to 40. Then as the weather improves, I can start smashing out more, hopefully to get to 100 by end of the year!
- Eat better and exercise more again. I'm normally pretty good at this, I've just gotten lazy over the last month or so.
- Get my bands' debut album released.

In typical JamesV form, many of these goals are yet to be fully realised, but here's an update:

- AB5 v2: I'd be lying if I said I've spent more than a couple of hours working on this in the last few months. I still intend to get it finished, it will just be a matter or time, and also working out what features I can get working as intended, etc.
- I've not touched my 84+CSE at all apart from charging it the other day and loading up the latest DCSE8 Sad
- Skydiving: I'm up to 73 jumps now, so well on the way to achieving my goal of 100 by the end of the year, in fact I'm taking time off work in November and hoping to crack the 100 during that time! Smile
- Definitely eating better and exercising more, still want to improve more but it's heading in the right direction.
- The album should be out next March, woo hoo! The first single came out recently, so if you're interested you can check out the video clip here.
Wow, you've certainly kept yourself busy! I sometimes feel like just the act of spending a little time on something, rather than the amount of time, is most important, so I'm glad that you have been touching on your major projects. Good luck with the skydiving and the album, and I do hope you get around to AB5 v2 and more TI-84+CSE programming.
elfprince13 wrote:


  • Wedding stuff (reserve a location, figure out guest lists, figure out photographer, send out "save the date" cards)
  • Play a lot of summer-league ultimate so I can make the B team here at Brown for next season.
  • Do some rock climbing.
  • Read all of the "Song of Ice and Fire" novels.


  • Work on the compiler for my research comps project
  • FreeBuild
  • Assorted calculator projects
  • Publish an iOS/Android game based on an interactive construction of an inequality prover in one of my advisor's papers.

Final summer progress report:


  • Wedding stuff (reserve a location, figure out guest lists, figure out photographer, send out "save the date" cards)
    • Location reserved
    • Save the date cards obtained
    • Addresses acquired for save the date cards and shower invites.
    • Began web-dev labor trade with photographer.

  • Play a lot of summer-league ultimate so I can make the B team here at Brown for next season.
    • My RIPUL team ended 14 - 7, with a point differential of 54 on the season, and we then proceeded to stomp all over the tournament bracket, so I got a trophy and stuff. Which is cool. Pretty sure I haven't gotten one of those since 7th grade.

  • Read all of the "Song of Ice and Fire" novels.

    • Done, and caught up on the show.

  • New project: began a Dragonriders of Pern inspired M.O.C. that I hope to submit Lego Ideas.


  • Work on the compiler for my research comps project

    • Hacked up clang a lot. Still hacking up clang.

  • FreeBuild

    • Did some work on a JSON-configurable graphics pipeline
    • Began poking at CSSBox again to see about bypassing the Java2D rendering altogether and just using a pure OpenGL backend.
    • Made an autosetup script so geekboy could try to help out.
    • Lost both of my volunteers from the spring to their own stuff

  • Ignored many other projects and started some new ones:

    • Force-feedback drivers for my USB GameCube controller adapter.
    • LDraw software-renderer:
      • Began Java implementation of scan-line rendering to make sure I understand algorithmic details
      • Hoping to port to TI-84+CSE.

    • https://github.com/elfprince13/Last.fm-Stats-Dumper
    • Added POV-RAY rendering support to LPub4.

  • Picked up work on the LDraw end of this for my computer vision course.
  • Added a VIM highlighter to TI-Tokens.
  • Contributed to the 83pasm28d revamp.
I bought that monitor and a desk and moved away from my TV like I planned. I also installed two Samsung 850's in RAID0 to maximize read & write speed from my recently acquired NAS but I only upped speeds by 40MB/s, was kind of a disappointment. The monitor is awesome, it's a multi-touch monitor (up to 10 points of contact can be recognized) for Windows 8. Thankfully, OS X Yosemite supports touch screens! Sadly, it doesn't have a Wacom digitizer but I wouldn't use even if it did. Though the simple act of touching to click or to move photo editing sliders is really cool. The monitor even lays down 80 degrees for easier, tablet like touching.

Realized doing photography as a career was not viable and decided to shy away from being a "professional." Bought a new domain name and am now working on a photo journal website where I'll share photos taken on my phone. I plan to go on adventures, hikes, outings every Saturday with a big trip once a month as well to keep the photos fresh and get me to take more photos for my enjoyment rather than taking them for someone else.
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