I imagine you'd have to write "det(((1,2,3),(3,4,5),(6,7,8 )))" because if m is ((1,2,3),(3,4,5),(6,7,Cool), det(m) will have one more couple of parenthesis. I dont have my calculator to try, it's just a guess. Smile
Nemhardy wrote:
I imagine you'd have to write "det(((1,2,3),(3,4,5),(6,7,8 )))" because if m is ((1,2,3),(3,4,5),(6,7,Cool), det(m) will have one more couple of parenthesis. I dont have my calculator to try, it's just a guess. Smile

det(((1,2,3),(3,4,5),(6,7,8 ))) worked, det((1,2,3),(3,4,5),(6,7,8 )) returned ((1,2,3))...
Thanks for the help! Smile
Version 1.0 (stable) of Eigenmath is finally ready and shipping!

Changes since beta 8:
- Fixed reboot/system error when trying to copy the last result at a point when Eigenmath was yet to run;
- Added optional session persistence (console messages, command history, and variables are automatically saved when exiting, and restored when opening)
- Command history entries doubled from 20 to 40, and maximum command length reduced from 1000 characters to a sensible 500.
- Greek letter names (alpha, beta, pi, theta, etc.) are shown as actual Greek characters;
- Roots (anything with exponent in the form 1/x) are pretty-printed, along with brackets;
- Broken limit solver removed;
- Usage of a specific folder in storage memory (@EIGEN) for all Eigenmath data files, including the startup script;
- Better text input (for example, the cursor is no longer locked at the right of the screen when editing long commands);
- Support for partial command input (press Shift+EXE);
- Different memory management, basically there are two 128 KB heaps now (the OS one plus another on the stack), each is used for different kinds of data. Practical takeout: there is now space for more symbols and more complex contents on those symbols, without taking out space for computations with them.
- Fixed bug where graph mode would not be completely left when the user exited it;
- Fixed excessive memory usage/possible overflow when recording a script;
- Fixed nroots function (broken since at least Beta 8, possibly since Beta 5 or earlier, had to do with compiler (mis)optimizations so I'm not sure if the older binaries had the problem);
- The current input is no longer cleared when pressing a custom key (and the handler is on), or when loading a script;
- Many other bug fixes, optimizations and cosmetic changes.

Usage instructions: see https://github.com/gbl08ma/eigenmath/wiki/Usage-instructions (lots of screenshots!)

Migrating from previous versions: apart from replacing the g3a, if you have a startup script, you need to create a folder called @EIGEN on the root of the storage memory (that is, out of any folders) and move the startup script there.

The @EIGEN folder will also contain two files needed for session persistence. To disable session persistence (doesn't automatically delete the storage memory files), press Shift then Menu and change the "Save Session" setting.

Suggested startup script: see here.

...at the usual URL: http://tny.im/prEigenDL
(which doesn't include the startup script or a readme, it's just the g3a);

...the same thing, but packaged in a nice ZIP with readme, license and startup script: http://tny.im/prEigenZipDL

or soon, from your favorite calculator archives.

As I explained before, since this is a stable release, feel free to redistribute it - but, if uploading e.g. to file archives, please redistribute the ZIP and not just the g3a. For transferring from one calc to another, sending just the g3a is fine, of course.

Why you should update
If you're still using a really old version, like the first Betas, it will look like a massive upgrade to your calculator. Especially, if you are still using the Beta 1 (which certain sites were still redistributing until recently), it will look like a upgrade from a almost-falling-apart-bike to a solid supersonic jet (make sure to read the usage instructions so you don't miss any feature).

If you're using a more recent version, you'll get new, exciting features like more advanced pretty-printing, text input that doesn't suck, optional session saving, more stability and bug fixes, and much more.

Updating is not hard and takes less than 10 minutes; plus, by connecting your Prizm to the computer, you'll get the opportunity to backup your documents, reorganize them easily, and add more apps and games.


As always, feel free to ask any questions and report any problems.
hello gbl08ma I'm a big fan of your work I have eigenmath since first version and it is a very good app.

I think that you can program easily Bode diagrams nyquist diagrams and root locus in eigenmath extending the capabilities of eigenmath

thank you very much for your effort and never stop
Very, very nice. Thanks for this wonderful software. Because of it's speed relative to my trusty old TI-89 and color, I prefer the Prizm for routine things. Your software is another reason to use my Titanium a little less, though I still like it. too....
It,s a great program, the only thing I miss is a better solver than Casios so I don't have to use Wolfram Alpha. But from what I have read in this thread that isn't possible in Eigenmath?
I have experimented with developing a solver using Newton's method. But it wouldn't be better than Casio's SolveN in any way. There is not a straightforward way in Eigenmath to reorder the terms the way one wishes, especially not when taking about logarithms, exponents and trigonometric functions (logic would have to be added so that it knows how the "opposites" of these functions behave). If there was a way to reorder terms like that, the solver would only need to move terms around in the whole expression, to extract the value of a specific variable.
Really good job!
I like it very much and it helps me with mathematics a lot.
But I think Eigenmath is not powerful enough, at least it cannot solve an inequation.
And I found a more powerful CAS called XCAS/GIAC written in C++, and it's already been ported to the nspire. So would it be possible to port it to the Prizm?
Anyway, thank you again for you good work!
The Nspire has far better hardware characteristics than the Prizm has, especially much more RAM, which is important for KhiCAS. Porting giac/xcas to the Prizm would therefore be much harder, if possible at all.
What a great addition to the Prizm, thanks!

Is there any way to bind buttons to just print certain commands, as in if I press F1 it would print out "taylor(" and then let me enter the paramaters? Right now I have, for example, integrate(last) mapped to one key and it integrates the last expression, but this doesn't really work for functions with more parameters.

Also, is there any way to always get lower case letters? As it is right now, if i want to start typing with lowercase, I have to do shift-alpha-f5. Not a huge deal, though.
No, and no. And for now I'm not adding new features to this Eigenmath port, sorry.
Hello Smile
On the fx9860gII, if you enter (a+x)^5 in the Eigenmath add-in, you get : a^5+5*a^4*x+10*a^3*x^2+10*a^2*x^3+5*a*x^4+
the final part (x^5) is missing !! It is the same for all "long" answers Sad
Does this version of Eigenmath have the same bug as the one on fx9860gII ?
No, there isn't any problem of this kind on the Prizm version. I suppose that's because of the near absence of UI in the fx9860 version, and I imagine the output isn't very advanced (eg no scrolling...), so maybe "long aswers" may not be printed well :s...
Hello !!
Are the "Laplace(" and "dsolve(" fonctions working in "Eigenmath prizm" ?
Since they are in the source code ...

Laplace : https://github.com/gbl08ma/eigenmath/blob/master/src/laplace.cpp

Dsolve : https://github.com/gbl08ma/eigenmath/blob/master/src/dsolve.cpp
Dsolve seems to work. Laplace doesn't, and it doesn't on the computer version either, it's commented in the code. It may have some problems and so the developer of Eigenmath disabled it, or it may not be meant to be called directly but instead by used by other functions.
Thanks for the answer !!
Is the dsolve( function activated in "Eigenmath prizm" ? Because it doesn't seem to work on the computer version ...
Its sad that Laplace doesn't work, its a very useful command ...
I also have a sugestion for you. I exchanged some mails with the author or SMIB (http://smib.sourceforge.net/) about the difference between the antiderivative and the integral command.
He told me that "antider( is more powerful. It is better than eigenmath's integral( , because list of integrals has been extended, and antider( solves problems like integral of rational fuctions, or handles composition of fuctions.".
Could you extend the list of integrals in Eigenmath by using the one from SMIB ?
Thanks for your answers Smile
I have tried bringing things in from SMIB before and everything turned out to be a big mess, mostly because SMIB has forked from the original Eigenmath a lot of time ago/on another code tree, so bringing things in requires lots of adjustments. Also, SMIB functions seem to be more resource-demanding than Eigenmath's ones so they don't work as well on the Prizm. I may give a look at it, though, however I don't have much time nor motivation for this, as I can't use a calc at uni (let alone a CAS calc) and when I want to confirm results WA works as well.
Would be cool if you could improve Eigenmath by using SMIB's code. For example if you compare the "integral(" source code on both Eigenmath and SMIB you can see a major difference , SMIB is much more powerful ...
Newb question
The Australian version of the Prizm limits memory to 4.5MB
How much space does Eigenmath take up?
less than 300kb I think
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