Hm, I *think* I got the chance and community chest, and even the other special situation spots done. I just need to integrate it into the game.. After that, I think all that's left to complete is bidding if person doesn't want the project they've landed on (if running official rules) and being able to trade among the players. Also, I think I need to finish setting up the stats screen for players to see how many properties they have in their grasp, though that shouldn't take long to complete.
Made some slow and steady progress today, trying to get things setup so when a project purchase is made, that it checks to see if the other projects of that color are also bought, so it can set a value to a list. Probably going to do a list for that specifically, 8 elements, and store the current player to that element as they buy up each of projects. It will also need to be checked and used during both auctions and when trading/selling properties.

I know the groupings are the following:


Just not sure how to do a search when say Property 12 is bought, how can I do a dynamic conditional that checks for all the other possible projects in that color as well?

Giving thought on how to do this, so far, nothing immediately comes to mind.
My first attack orders the groups like so:


If I want to know who owns what in group 5, I could do:


An output of {1 0 2} would say that Player One has 22, no one has 24, and Player Two has 25. (I wrote a dummy "1" for the "third property" in groups 1 and 8. I think it points to GO, which no one can own.)

"L1" here is a board-length list showing tile ownership using player numbers.
That's actually how I do it, LPROJ is a 40 element list, iPart( gives player value, fPart( gives how many houses/hotels it has, and if it's been mortgaged.

Quite the ingenious solution. Just out of curiosity, what does G represent?
G is the groupings number; in my example, I selected group 5.
Thanks for the info, I managed to understand (to some degree :p ) what was going on, I just have to put it into use, at this point.

I backtracked a little bit, and got the code written to display boxes depicting how many properties are owned by a player, and it will also display a correlating amount of pixels for how many houses you have, or essentially put a block on the box if it has a hotel. I haven't figured out if how I want to represent a 'shelved project', so to speak.

This is what I've gotten of the stats screen for what a player can see, for money, properties, etc.

I think my pride and joy on this is having it show how many 'houses' are on each property.

My next thing is to figure out how I want a cursor up there so the player can choose each property and see specific stats on each.
Cool! =)
I'm coming back to this while waiting to see if there are any more bugs getting reported on AoDCSE.

Still trying to figure out how I want to display the cursor on these, maybe a box around the boxes? I also need to determine how to limit where the cursor shows up based on how many properties are owned, as there can be up to 26 in total (though the likeliness of that happening is pretty small, I'd say).

I also need to create 2 cards that indicate when a player has get out of jail cards, which is more likely to happen then all 26 properties :p

Bumping for great justice.
Oh! I didn't notice this topic was reactivated. Hmm is that the card? It looks like an arrow pointing away from a something... Maybe that is a prison? I would highly suggest you to add a very detailed readme that goes over what each card looks like and what the use is. Smile
Supposed to be a folder, pulling a backup, so to speak. When going to 'jail', you are actually suffering a RAM Clear.
Oh I see it now! Thats very clever, so the whole game is calculator themed? Thats awesome!
I take it you didn't read through the topic at all, otherwise you'd have seen that within the first 2 pages.

But yes, it's calculator project related.
I guess I missed a few days somehow... :-/
Storing this for safe keeping, thanks Weregoose :3

So, here we go, I have it showing off the backup cards you can get:

This also shows off if the player has mad gaming skills and managed to get all the properties. Very Happy

Now I'm going to get some form of cursor working to select the properties. Hopefully. Maybe?
Cool! I like that screen layout =)
So projects=properties? Looking great, I love love love the calc theme Smile
Thanks elfprince Smile I'm not sure why I'm having issues with the cursor, tomorrow I am just going to sit down and add it in and it's going to be awesome on the first try! Neutral

APotato: Yes, this is all centered around projects and calculators and showcasing various projects and authors.
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