This may be temporary, but until further ntice, I am banned from Cemetech and all TI related forums. My dad mostly does not understand calculators and doesn't believe that the people on this website are who they say they are. He thinks that non-kid friendly people are here. Until I can convince him, goodbye.

Oh my :/ could it help if someone "non-non-kid" talked to him, like to reassure him ?
I ran into the same thing with my parents when I first joined the community about fifteen years ago now, so I understand your frustration. On the other hand, I think some students and parents are too cavalier about the dangers of anonymity on the internet, so I respect your parents' caution. Hope to see you around again eventually, ordelore.
To you guys who are wondering, "Why is this guy still on and posting?" My answer is that officially, I am banned, unofficially, I still post. My posting will be less but I will still post.
You might want to point him towards, for example, our pair of Educator's Choice awards at Maker Faire and KermM's books.
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