Dead, right?
#define Dead Alive

dunno who you are but welcome back!
and seeing as this is freebuild stuff there has been some slow progress lately but elfprince has still been busy with school
Jimmg wrote:
Dead, right?

While two words is definitely not a good reason to start a topic, FreeBuild is not dead. A more correct status of the project is that it's on hiatus. The game is developed without compensation and in the free time of those involved and those involved are working on PhD's and other real life accomplishments. If you would like to contribute to it's eventual release I'm sure they'll find something for you to work on. Very Happy
Still open for business and doing stuff slowly but surely, and waiting for the pair of developers who said they are interested in helping to get back from summer internships.

The only contents of my office whiteboard right now is FreeBuild related.
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