Now, don't get too excited. I still have the flags program and Calcopoly to finish. I was curious on how things would look if I could convert the image I had for a binder into a calc friendly pic. This is the result:

I'll probably pull those Pokeball sprites off on to something else to get a better image, since I'd like to do this in a way that resonates with color, so we'll see what else I can come up with. is where I got the pokeball image from and scaled it down to a 13x13 image.

I'll play around with this more as I finish other things.


Got this so far, converted from a gif image, since I can't get a png to be below the 100KB limite of SC (it's at 100KB right now)

Looks better, but I'd like it to not be grainy like that if I can at all help it. Image grabbed from and resized to the 265x165 size.

After merthsoft was awesome and got a smaller sized version of the png:

Sadly, this didn't turn out as well as I was hoping. Not sure why, yet. :<

Now I can sleep happy.
use a pixel circle guide. Or use this picture:

Wait, what platform is this game on?

Open source with GIMP.
  1. Filters, Enhance, Sharpen: 50
  2. Image, Scale Image: 247x165, Sinc (Lanczos3)
  3. Filters, Enhance, Sharpen: 25
  4. Image, Mode, Indexed: Use custom palette, Floyd-Steinberg (normal), No dithering of transparency
That looks pretty perfect Very Happy Though you could also just use the not so color rich original map. Why don't you do that?
Well, there is an xLIB BGPIC facility in DCSE8.0 that enables you to store low res colour images in 4800bytes ... the issue is that they are 80x60 in xLIBC colours. The images are scaled to fullscreen. Typically used for RPG battle backgrounds - not sure if the resolution is too low for this.

It would look like this:

Like i said, its only 4800bytes...

I do have a util that can draw a 160x120 image scaled to fullscreen that is 16 colours.
Weregoose, using yours got me:

Probably the best looking of them thus far Very Happy

aeTIos: I'm using this kind of picture because it looks better, it just requires some tweaking to look nicer.

tr1p1ea: That gives a general gist of the map, but it loses a lot of the details. :< I'd still have to add the Pokemon title to it, on top of the pokeballs I'd like to add in.
Very impressive! It looks amazing! Good luck!
Oh my gosh! This is awesome! Do you have any more progress besides this?
Yeah it loses heaps of detail which is a bummer (Tho it is 1/20th the size of the other image data wise).

Were you hoping to have the image fullscreen?
I would love love love it if what Weregoose posted (plus the edits that need doing to it as well) were available at full screen, instead of just the graph screen. But I figured the graphscreen would be as good as I could get without going and learning asm (which yes, I know, I should do that anyways)
Is there any room in your program for ASM utilities?
At the moment, I haven't done anything with the CSE version besides the screenshots you've seen above :p Nothing has been set in stone beyond this will be my attempt to learn to xlibc
Maybe there could be a feature to draw half res 256 colour images with xLIBC in DCS 8.1?

Otherwise I do have a small ASM util to display 16 colour half res images on the 84C?

Very quickly a 160x120 256 colours will look like this:

I guess that'd have to be taken up with Kerm. I had other project ideas, but sadly can't be implemented until Kerm adds file searching (listing programs/appvars, names split by a token)

How much data would the image data take up to use the asm program? And how would I convert it over properly?
A 160x120 image would take up 19200 bytes uncompressed. The 16 colour version takes up 9600 bytes. These however can be compressed and you would need a custom tool to convert, that i have lying around somewhere.

Here it is a little sharper:

It might be nice to look into proper image handling for the 84C.
That looks gorgeous! I guess I need to finalize the image with the logo things and convert it with your handy tool that's laying around somewhere :p
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