Should I make a "distro" system or keep it proprietary?
"Distros" would be great!
 71%  [ 5 ]
Proprietary is the way to go!
 28%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 7

spud2451 wrote:
Just to let you know ordelore I've been working in porting it to Axe. I'm almost finished, maybe another week tops!

EDIT: Does anyone know why when I use this code to copy data toa file it doesn't work.


When I type "Disp 5:pause" it comes up with "+log(Output^" in the file

(the plus in the output is the tiny plus not the one used for addition)

Can someone help please?

This doesn't work because you can’t use input in this fashion. Input is for numbers, and to use it in the fashion you are trying to do... make a routine yourself, use the ASCII codes built for the calc, and go to to ask for more help. If anyone needs to correct me, feel free! This is just my opinion.
P.S. a self-made routine is the best way to make axe run smoothly. As an added bonus, you can make really complex yet simple code.

Rolling Eyes
I would like to be a beta-tester.
Awesome Caleb, just post in the other forum post so I can remember to send you the next version of Fiddle.
What is 'the other forum post'?
I should say topic. It's in your projects called "Fiddle 3.0 needs beta testers"
I just wanted to let everyone know that this project is not dead and that I am still developing this shell.
This looks really neat! I might actually use this when it comes out. Razz
Thanks, but there's still a lot of optimizing to do. Other than that it almost done.
Well here's the latest screenshot guys!

Well, it still looks interesting, but I remain skeptical of the use cases for BASIC shells when you need a non-BASIC shell to make them work in the first place. Keep up the work if you're enjoying it, though.
It actually doesn't require a shell at all. It uses xeda's runprog ASM routine to copy the code in Ans and run it in a separate program. This then allows for things like running programs and code from inside TI-BASIC. All I do for the console is get input and then run it in the runprog routine.
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