There were once 3 coffee shops, and all of them had a diverse range of customers and tastes.

The first coffee shop had a very mature set of customers. Sometimes someone would intrude rudely and would be escorted out. This coffee shop also had a customer who had invented a cup that made drinking coffee simply amazing. Most people here upgraded from their smaller cups to drink the coffee offered here. Some people still used the smaller coffee cups because they were used to it. The man who invented the larger coffee cups also had a vendetta against the type of coffee cups offered by the maker of the coffee beans. These cups only allowed you to use the coffee brewed by the maker of the cups. After some time, the coffee bean maker relented and offered you to use another type of coffee.

The second shop had more of a party atmosphere. Anyone could say what their opinions were as long as they were kind and courteous. The creator of this coffee shop created many great blends of coffee with a very weak coffee mixture made by the creator of the coffee beans. Most people used the smaller coffee cups because they had a limit to how much coffee they were allowed to drink. This coffee shop also created an attachment that allowed a coffee cup to create amazing tasting coffee from a blend of coffee similar to the coffee made by the coffee bean creator. A similarity between this coffee shop and the first is that they also had a strong following of people who preferred another blend of coffee that is vastly superior to the other blend but wasn’t as widely used due to an original monopoly.

The third coffee shop was mostly French speaking. They did have some English speakers also. This shop managed to do their best to make coffee as open as possible. They managed to make the weakest brands of coffee into coffee that could do nearly everything. When the coffee making companies tried to stop these new developments, this coffee shop would always be one of the first to fix the problems.
I'm just going to hazard a guess that the coffee shops are meant to be symbolic of the TI calculator community, right?
It is. Cemetech, Omnimaga and TI-Planet respectfully but I fail to see any points of or for discussion. That's second to the point that I have no idea what the meaning of this topic is for.

I'm going to leave this unlocked as I am interested in seeing how this topic progresses.
Coffee is gross when it isn't in ice cream. I don't like this metaphor.
elfprince13 wrote:
Coffee is gross when it isn't in ice cream. I don't like this metaphor.
Coffee ice cream is awesome!
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