So, there are four days left until Microsoft is due to drop support with Windows XP. That operating system has been with us for fourteen years, and many users say that they won't move away from it unless it breaks. What do you guys think of this?
I dislike how resource intensive the newer OS's are, and my laptop really has no other choice. XP will always be my first choice.
I also find it annoying. I only really use old computers, so it's not wise for me to have something that uses so much just to run. I personally like Windows 8.1, but Windows XP would be excellent if Microsoft would build the new stuff, like IE11, into it. It's a good OS.
It'll be good for XP. You can finally disable the update manager entirely instead of allowing it to thrash uselessly wasting system resources in that obscene bug.
You would all be well-served by the many available flavors of Linux, in my humble opinion. It has reached the stage where it requires almost no special knowledge to install and maintain.
I have SliTaz on a hard drive partition, but my school often requires special software (Citrix, Adobe's pathetic reader (features specific to the latest reader dont often work in Sumatra or other variants), MMF2, etc.), and XP is much faster than ANY linux I have tried so far.

My Desktop, however, I have got Ubuntu installed as the Main OS, with XP as a secondary option (in this case, because I have no windows 7 installation disk). yeah, I must say I do love Linux, but technical limitations can really destroy it when it comes to ancient hardware and required software.
In my honest opinion once win 7 was released, and proven to run even on lesser hardware (and there is always the linux alternative) , Xp turned into one thing an OS for dll roulette. While yes it works it has a handful of things that make using it a chore and imo its seen its life and there are better options even for those of you with less then appealing pc setups.

EDIT: I wont stop you from using it just my honest opinion your welcome to use what ever floats your boat so to speak Wink
I'll keep using XP, same as I still use 98. My computers don't have the ability to run anything newer, no, not by a long shot. I will hesitate to do sensitive things like PayPal or bank stuff on an XP machine now though.
Windows XP was my first operating system I actually liked. For years, I lived on a mix of 98 and ME. Alas, that partnership was all-to-brief. I very much prefer the responsiveness of Windows 7 but that is probably due to my upgraded machine. The only thing I miss will be that space pinball game. However, I believe that Debian is the closest flavor of Linux that provides a feel similar to XP.
You can copy the Pinball from XP, I know it runs on Vista and probably 7 too. I also copied Paint (it had a "hack" to get 10x zoom which the Vista one didn't have, let alone the refreshed version with a ribbon in 7) and the sound recorder (much more advanced than the one found on Vista onwards). I then found out my new computer could run tools that were much more powerful than Paint (GIMP, Photoshop, Fireworks...) and the Windows sound recorder (Audacity...), so I ended up not using the copied executables much.
My TI-83 dev platform is XP on a P4 Inspiron and it works well. I have XP on my main desktop and have little intention to use anything else. Any future upgrade will be Linux....
Honestly I don't really have preference for OS as long as its not mac. I loved Windows XP, Heck I grew up on an old XP tower desktop, But as geek boy said i think it's had its time. Windows XP will always have a special place in my computer that will never be overwritten.
There are lightweight Linux distributions (or lightweight configurations of mainstream distributions) that may run even faster than XP.

Also, it's possible to tune Win7 to be faster than it normally is, although it admittedly is hungrier than XP.

As far as using XP on the public internet after April 8... nopenopenopenopenope. That extends to Windows 2000 today (but even more so after April 8, because it'll be vulnerable to a lot of the same things), too. I'll even use 98 before 2000/XP on the internet, due to the obscurity factor and the fact that it doesn't have much going on as far as services, and even then, no ports will be exposed and it'll be behind a firewall.
XP Sucks`
No, it's good for one thing: if you turn in your XP machine at Best Buy or Microsoft, they will give you a $100 gift card to upgrade.
wait, so I can turn in my old-as-crap laptop for 100 dollars? dude, I would get 3x my money back!!!
Wait, really? I have one that I got for $8 and it's worth $50 max! I'd take $100!
Angelstorm9x3 wrote:
No, it's good for one thing: if you turn in your XP machine at Best Buy or Microsoft, they will give you a $100 gift card to upgrade.

Read what Angelstorm wrote guys. Get 100 dollars ... to upgrade! Don't blindly think you'll get 100 bucks to spend willy-nilly. Seriously.
aww, you ruined my fun.

actually, i would have put it torwards an upgrade anyways, so Razz
There is the possibility that it may not totally die, as the US Government is apparently still running a lot of XP computers, and software they have can't run on 7, as per some article I read yesterday. Also, Britain and.. another country is pumping a lot of money into Microsoft to let XP continue on for them, as well.
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