Although there are many among us who tout the importance of Tau Day, the science, math, and programming communities tend to celebrate Pi Day every 3/14.
What are you doing to celebrate the day? Last year we created a program called Pi Eater to celebrate Pi Day 2013. The game challenges users to eat pie (pi?) as a means of learning the sine, cosine, and tangent of angles. In 2008 we competed to see who could memorize the most digits of pi, and one year our United-TI members regaled each other with tales of Pi Day celebrated in math class. About ten years ago, my high school math class celebrated 3/14 with Fig Newtons and Liebniz cookies in honor of the inventors of Calculus.

Happy Pi Day! Be sure to tell us about your Pi Day activities in the attached thread, and check out Pi Eater in honor of Pi Day below.

Pi Eater v1.0

Here are a few nice bits of frivolity courtesy of numberphile

Enjoy Smile
On the one hand, Pi is a terrible terrible mistake. The *only* mathematical formula whose presence it simplifies (the famous πr²) is incorrect for being so simplified, as quadratics that result from integration SHOULD have a (1/2).

On the other hand, Google sent whoopie pies to the department for us to celebrate, and who am I to turn down free food?
Being a tech company, we're full of nerds. Nerds love PI and pie!

And here's some pie:
Happy Pi Day at pi time!

My Honors Pre-Calculus class, who has a teacher with an obsession for pi (has a license plate with pi on it), had a small party with another class. I look forward to next year!
Shaun, that's just awesome!
Happy Pi day! Our math class watched the numberphile, "calculating pi with pie" it's 3:14 long lol
I think I should leave this here..
No pi song will ever beat the ridiculous creepy insanity of this ancient video:

I think that has to be heralded as the weirdest 3:56 of my life! Insane and creepy Smile
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