Very nice! I forgot to check up on the progress, looks really good, I'm loving the board.
Thanks! It was a great collaborative effort between myself, Weregoose and KermM Smile Eager to get in on making the pieces show up at the proper spots so I can start programming in the project cards!
Question! Just a thought I had a few seconds ago.. Will there be computer players? AI? Or will 4 people have to sit around the calculator? I for one probably wouldn't ever play monopoly on a calculator with other people.. But by myself, I would play AI characters.
AI would be a bit on the difficult side to get programmed in. It's a possibility for a future version, but for the time being, it'll remain 2-4 human players :< Just something I'll have to look at more when it's closer to final, so I know what I'd have to adjust code wise.
I think that a computer would indeed be extremely challenging to program in. While rolling the dice and moving the piece are trivial, choosing when to buy and sell property would be tough to program. That said, I would expect it would be a good second-pass feature to attempt after you get the first human-only version published.
Got back to this now, since I no longer really see need to work on 2048, as there are several versions out now.

All 'tokens' now show up in the properties. Now to work on getting the property data coded in to an appvar for displaying when players land on them, then giving them the chance to buy, pass up, or see if they have to pay a different player.

Note to self:

Values of property for sell, stored in L5

Values for Rent, houses, motel, and mortgage, stored in app in the following format:

{rent,rent w/color set, rent 1 h, rent 2 h, rent 3 h, rent 4 h, rent H, house cost, Hotel cost, mortgage value, unmortgage price

Lists are stored in lines corresponding to property locations.

Calculator properties follow this format:

{Rent, 2 owned, 3 owned, 4 owned, mortgage value, unmortgage price

For the connectivity and power properties, it will follow this:

{1 owned, 2 owned, mortgage value, unmortgage price

Community Chest:




Income Tax:


Luxury Tax:




All values now put in, along with the names from the Cemetech list of projects. Next step will be displaying the project card to the screen, and giving players options based on what project/spot they've landed on. I'll try to get a screenshot up of that once it works, see what you all think.
So, I did a thing:

This is a test to move a cursor around the black and white board. Now that that list is generated, and I have the code for displaying the Pt stuff, which I shall share here so I don't lose it:

UnArchive Pic1
RecallPic Pic1


While W=1
Pt-Change(iPart(L₆(Z))-1(ᴇ2fPart(L₆(Z))=4 or ᴇ2fPart(L₆(Z))=61),ᴇ2fPart(L₆(Z))+1(iPart(L₆(Z))=1 or (iPart(L₆(Z))=58 and (ᴇ2fPart(L₆(Z))>10 and ᴇ2fPart(L₆(Z))<60

If K=45:Return

If K=105:Z+1→Z
If Z=41:1→Z


Main menu works, now Smile The indicator working just shows that loop for the game is setup to go, just have to get things caught up for it now.

Edit 2:

You will now be able to choose the amount of players that are playing. From there, I need to set up rolling dice for each player (must review what I did for the CSE to attempt a match) so I can get which player goes first set up, from there, I'll see about making it roll players to move them around the board.

Progress continues, with dice rolling, though I still need to set it up to pick the winner of who gets to go first.

Also realized that some of the data is not calc dependent, so that data has been copied over to the various project folders (Omnimaga and Cemetech editions for both color and non color calcs).

More as I have it available.

The options for what the players will be able to do is stored to the right of the board, unlike the CSE where it's underneath. I could clear out a little bit of the bottom of the board to display it, but then I won't have the flashing indicator going while waiting on the player to select an option to go with. Getting closely caught up to where the CSE is currently sitting. I still need to work on property card generation for both models, and I need to work on getting all the text data for the chance and community chest cards entered in, for both models.
I like that dice-rolling a lot: you managed to fit the die into a very small space without losing the clarity of what the numbers are. On a higher level, I appreciate that you're posting screenshots, as we all know the best way to get responses on a programming forum is to post eye-candy screenshots of a game in progress. Wink You say that only some of the data files are cross-compatible between the monochrome and color version; which data files are not? I presume you might have a sprite appvar or two for the color. Do you also have an appvar of sprites for the monochrome version, or did you decide to use the PicArc commands and just embed the hex directly in the program?
The CSE version requires a sprite appvar for the dice, and the appvar containing the text for the community chest and chance cards may be different, since the monochrome can't display as much text on the same line. Unless they can, I guess I'll just need to test that out first.

And yeah, the monochrome is just using a string for the dice sprites, since all 6 dice is like 96 bytes in size, didn't see a reason to waste the space of another appvar for it. And yes, I'm using PutSprite for that. First time using the DCS7 hybrid stuff :p I still need to go in and add the header for DCS, but that's not high on the priority list at this oint.

What do you think about text placement for the menus and such?
The menu is nicely placed and the board definitely looks really cool but the C and Y are slightly cut off. I guess thats an issue with the screen size. Its really neat Smile Also how can you tell which cursor is your player? In CSE it would be nice if it was colored and maybe a cool feature to add later is to choose your color.
You mean something like: ?

And you won't be able to tell via the color, but it will say which player is currently playing, so they will just have to look at that, for the black and white version. As to the C and Y, yeah, I know it is cut off, but it looked better like that then being smaller letters. I spent a lot of time fighting with it before sticking with that. Spriting letters in a diagonal is difficult, to say the least. :/ Has even more up to date screenshots for the color version.
Okay, making progress on actual game play mechanics for the black and white editions.

I have a question regarding some of the rules that the real game offers.

Should I make it so there is a special pot you win if you land on 'Done' (Free parking)?

The game rules indicate if a property is unowned, and the person that lands on it doesn't want it, it has to be auctioned. Should I keep with that system, or just leave it for someone else to land on?

The official game has limited amount of houses and hotels that can be bought, last hotel has to be bid on.

I think for now, these would answer my most pressing questions, if I could get your alls opinions please Smile


It seems I've been asked to implement house and official rulings. This should be fun.

So, for house rules:

Free parking/Done nets you the cash pot (I don't remember what all makes it in there)
Unlimited houses
12 hotels
Unowned, unwanted property ignored

Official rulings:

Free parking/done nets you nothing
32 house limit
12 hotels
Unowned, unwanted property auctioned

I'm going to go back in and edit an options, I'll probably just make it 'house rules' and 'official rules', and let it be set based on that. I hope this doesn't overly bloat the game. :<

Monochrome - Cemetech edition - Omnimaga edition

These are the icons I've been able to come up with on my own for Calcopoly. As I'm not very good at such things typically, if anyone else has an idea to use for them, feel free to post them.


Is the hex for the omnimaga version, since I'm not currently writing 2 versions for each calculator of calcopoly, will be easier to edit in the needed data after one version is completed, so this is now in a safe place Smile


hex for Omnimaga monochrome version.


hex for Cemetech monochrome version.


hex for Cemetech color version
Yeah Im not sure what other logos would symbolize monopoly. The Pringles/Monopoly Man would work but its kind of hard to make :-/
Congrats on the progress so far! Also what Icon maker is that?
It's the one built in to TokenIDE. I really couldn't come up with anything else that would work. KermM said he had an idea, but he's rather busy, so I'm not sure when/if he'll actually have time to make one.

I've started in on the Chance/Community Chest cards. That will be in a separate program, hopefully the only other .8xp file that will be in this game. Going to be easier to do that then bloat up the main game engine with this stuff.
At the urging of DJ_O, I've updated the Cemetech icons:

Thoughts over the other ones?


Working on the 10% tax or 200$. According to a wiki I found:

After 2008, it was just a straight 200$. I'm rather liking this idea, as this would make it simpler for programming. However, I'm willing to listen to other's opinions on the matter and go with that. If I have to, I'm sure I can figure out how to code in that 10% stuff.. I'm just hoping we agree that the 200$ is the better option Very Happy (It's what I usually choose, anyways. Much easier than dealing with counting all the possible values of properties and such.)
I like those a lot! The color one seems very Cemetech-esque to me, for some reason. Wink Here are three versions of the "B" byte/dollar icon that have been tumbling about in my head all week, and which I have been successfully failing to post in this topic for you. Even if you don't use them, hopefully you'll find them interesting artistic inspiration.

oo~ Well, I'd be willing to replace the S with the B for sure. If I can make it fit inside the C and O.. Something to play with! Thanks! Very Happy
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