When I run this code I whipped up for a personal project, I get an ERR: TYP when I don't see where the error is. OS: 2.55MP patched with Unsigned to have my name in the about screen. DCS version: 7.2. Optimizations are okay also.
SourceCoder 3 (DCSSHELL) wrote:
:DelVar Str2DelVar Str1
:Input "USER:",Str1
:Lbl 1
:Input Str1,Str2
:If Str2="ECHO" or Str2="echo
:Input "echo:",Str2
:Disp Str2
:If Str2="ping" or Str2="PING
:Disp "nice try
:If Str2="QUADRATIC" or Str2="quadratic
:Prompt A,B,C
:Disp (~B+sqrt(B^^2-4AC))/2A,(~B-sqrt(B^^2-4AC)/2A
:If Str2="BLAME" or Str2="blame
:Disp "when in doubt,","blame comic!
:If inString(Str2,"nikkybot
:Disp "make tev make it
:If Str2="exit" or Str2="exit
:If Str2="cake" or Str2="CAKE
:Disp "lies, all lies
:If Str2="CALC" or Str2="calc" or Str2="CLAC" or Str2="clac
:Input "calc:",Str3
:Disp expr(Str3
:If Str2="2+2
:Disp 5
:If Str2="CEMETECH" or "cemetech
:Disp "leading the way","to the future
:If Str2="OMNIMAGA" or "omnimaga
:Disp "lobsters
:If Str2="FLOOD" or Str2="flood
:Goto 1


:If Str2="CEMETECH" or "cemetech
:If Str2="OMNIMAGA" or "omnimaga

I don't think those are valid if statements
They aren't; you need the Str2= part both times. Your code would be significantly smaller if you had a piece of code at the beginning that converted all of your "commands" to uppercase, unless you'd prefer that didn't happen.
And now I feel dumb. Thanks for solving that for me. I guess someone else needed to take a stab at the code.
Kerm: I'll do that later, maybe. My current goal is to make all the commands, then optimize.
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