So, I've under taken this as a possible new project Smile Continuing on with creating board games for the color calculator. I've hammered out what the board might look like (so far, still need to add the chests and calculators for the rail roads, no idea on utilities, yet):

I'm thinking about using Pt-On( with the square looking thing, just use different colors for the different players. I think I want this as a Pic var, not sure yet. It would let it load much faster, that's for sure, then generating the board over and over when menus are brought up..



Bottom row was short a column, fixed, centered the ? around the board, added the calculators and the numbers, in place of rail roads. Just need ideas on:

1) Replacement utilities
2) Do we use street names, or calculator programs/famous calc games/shells/etc?
Famous calc programs and each color section can be atributed to a different programmer. Utilities could be Xlib, and Celtic.
That looks surprisingly good for the screen size! Nice mockups Very Happy
But they would require icons, which they don't have. I was thinking maybe USB cord and Battery icon.. Might go with that.

Thanks elfprince Very Happy
Doors Icon and TI Icon for the utilities.

Little bit of playing around that I did, what do you think? The treasure chest looks kind of crappy.. the low battery icons are to indicate a 'drain' compared to the taxes that were imposed in those two slots in the original game.

Kind of proud of the corner sections, personally Smile
Hmm, I like the idea of using "famous" calculator programs. It might be tough since many don't have icons, but some that I can think of:

Block Dude
Celtic 3

As well, there are 22 properties, so maybe you can try to assign one major program or app to a color, and then fill the other colors in with associated projects. For example, pick two great ION games and ION itself for one color.
Interesting ideas. I was wanting to pick authors for the colors, and put maybe their 'greatest programs' or something up there as the name of properties.

I'm also thinking about filling in the white space of boxes and center of board with a light grey color, and somehow get 'Calcopoly' going in a diagonal across it, maybe both ways? I'm gonna play with it some, see what it might look like.


Modifications made to the board so far:

That looks really spiffy so far, and I love the low battery icon the most, I think (assuming that's what that is). I definitely volunteer to try to make "Calcopoly" (or is that "Calc-opoly"?) in diagonal text in the middle of the board.
"Calcopoly" looks better, and in general fits the theme without (hopefully) riling Hasbro. lol And thanks. It's not easily seen on the low battery icons, but those are down arrows, I might change the color of them to something brighter, it's supposed to indicate a power loss, or money loss, like hitting the taxes on the actual games Smile
Thanks Weregoose! Very Happy

Here is what I came up with based on that:

What do you think? Been debating on if I should change the color or not. Blue or red might look nice on it..

A couple of ideas for different colored text for 'Calcopoly':

If I'm doing it, I might as well go full out, right? Also, spriting letters is hard. :<
Definately an excellent idea. Will the property names/icons load from a library?
If so that opens room for custom boards. It seems like many years since
this kind of game has been made.

And rules setting/options? Should be simple to implement.
Well, so far, I've only decided on the board making bits, and I've decided on the properties that the colors will be tied to authors, the individual properties will be tied to project names. I've decided Kerm gets the red slots, I'll take the green, just need to figure out the remaining. :p

As to the rest, not sure yet on how I'll implement things. I know coordinates for where the 'pieces' will display is in a list. I've just not sat down to solidify other aspects, yet. Hopefully, tonight.
Oooh, can I have some?
elfprince13 wrote:
Oooh, can I have some?

Sure, what color and what calc related projects would you like them linked to? Smile

[13:46] <+shaun> I want pink.
[13:47] <+tifreak_> What calc projects would you like as the 3 properties? Smile
[13:47] <+shaun> TokenIDE, Snake, Block Dude.
Light blue - FrogRPG, BattleField 83+, and Croquet.
Wow it looks awesome!
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