I'm looking for suggestions on good software to use that is cheap/free to create music videos with. I'm digging up pictures and such to use as a slideshow while music plays, just not sure how to go about it.
For free and easy, I suggest Windows Movie Maker. Should be able to do what you need it to.
Just make sure to get Version 2.6, not Windows Live Movie Maker, because for some reasons, after version 2.6 they removed a lot of features and changed the interface considerably.
I third the vote for Windows Movie Maker; it's what I use for just about every video I upload to YouTube. While we're on the topic, what do people use for recording videos from games that they then use in WMM movies? I haven't found anything particularly good so far. My current target game is Minecraft, if that changes your answer at all.
I use Fraps. Do not use Bandicam, as it has a huge lag while recording. After recording, run the resulting .avi through Windows Movie Maker so that you can trim down the size by a lot. For some reason, Fraps does not optimize the .avi it makes.
if your video & audio card is supported, then Atube has a screen recording utility in it, Kerm. as for quality, im not sure. it seems fairly low to me, but i also have a fairly dingy computer.

For making music videos, it depends. If you want a fairly simple video where you allready have the content made, then WMM should be fine (though i hate the interface in windows 7's version). for slideshows and basic videos, you should be set with what it offers.
I use Fraps, but sometimes Camstudio as well when speed is not an issue.
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