A new year has come upon us once again. What are you doing on this occasion? I have made a TI-Basic countdown program to help you figure out how much longer you have to stay up drinking champagne.
In other news, I am advocating an HCWP session today to help us stay up late.
Happy New Year to you all! I will be getting together with friends to eat, chat, watch the ball drop in Times Square on television, and enjoy good company. The only Cemetech-related thing I'm doing to celebrate the holiday is to announce the release of our new Cemetech Minecraft Server, although the fireworks simulator for the TI-84+CSE that I wrote on July 4th is also a timely tie-in.
Happy New Years, all! I expect to spend this last day of 2013 doing 3 things

a. working on term paper
b. ceme-craft
c. Have a nice new years dinner.

Hopefully I'll get an early bedtime of 1 o clock.
The way my sleep schedule has been going, I'll be lucky if I'm asleep by 3am. Thank you for posting about your term paper; you reminded me that I need to write a 600-1200 word article about SparseWorld today. Do any of you guys have New Years traditions? For myself, I always used to celebrate at noon on New Years with sparkling apple cider and homemade lasagna, since I was too young to have a midnight or later bedtime.
Happy new year:
merthsoft wrote:
Hear hear! Oh, lest we forget, I don't think we've properly mentioned our resolutions for the year, such as they are (cue the CS/EE jokes about display resolution...).
KermMartian wrote:
(cue the CS/EE jokes about display resolution...).

1920x1080, 1360x768, and 1440x900.
Happy New Year now! Very Happy
Happy new year!


          /-○\        (<  (<          -~~,
\o/   o   |▒▓|  ,'    /`99/`   ,; _ _~ |\|
 |   -|_  |▪▪|  >']]::(,.)    ;; ( )_, )
/ \  /|   \--/  `'///\\\      ;; /|  |.\
I and everyone at tny. internet media wish you all a happy new year! We hope this new year brings us many new and exciting projects here at Cemetech! Smile
Happy New Year 2014 from EST! Let's make it a successful, peaceful year full of good projects and good friends.
This, and hopefully the new color calculators brings renewed interest towards calculator programming and younger users. I did a quick run through forum stats a few minutes ago since I had the first post ID of every past year stored in a file and the total for 2013 (English TI boards) is the 3rd worst in the last 9 years (only TI-BD and MaxCoderz had increased activity). That said, posting activity doesn't mean much if it comes with no program releases, updates and support, and the 2013 POTY shows that 2013 wasn't too bad after all, especially the 84+CSE in the last few months.
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