merthsoft wrote:
*bump* And it's been released! Download:
That's great news! I'll do my best to update the news article with the download link and a static screenshot as soon as possible.
Will you make a greyscale version with a level editor? That.
willwac wrote:
Will you make a greyscale version with a level editor? That.
I don't really see the point, given that BlockDude for the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus has been a popular game on the monochrome calculators in its black-and-white form for close to 14 years.
If by "greyscale" version you mean for the monochrome calcs, the answer is no--there is already a version for the monochrome calcs, and that's what I based mine after. Granted, it doesn't have a level editor. If someone really wanted to, they could leverage xLib for the 83+/84+/SEs and make a 1:1 kind of thing where it uses the same level formats. I won't be doing that, though.
Found a bug.. I tought I was jumping at first, then I was flying!
How did you do that?!

Oh, just from going to that level... Oh dear. I must've broken something when I switched it to using the xlib stuff to detect tiles. Sad Oops. For now you can play the version at [url][/url] which should be fully playable Neutral
*bump* Fixed it! Sorry about that Smile
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