Will you be participating in the Ludum Dare 28?
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It's that time of December again!

The Ludum Dare competition is today, and for those of you who aren't burned out from the lightning contest, we should all participate.

I'll post my project here, and anyone else who so chooses can too. I'll be streaming throughout the competition at http://www.twitch.tv/kaslai and I'll post a timelapse afterwards. Feel free to post yours too. Here's to making a great game, everyone!
So crazy that it's that time again! I likely won't be participating this year since I just did Cemetech's little Ludum Dare Wink It'll be neat to see what the topic this year is, though!
I'll post my project too.
Ludum Dare 28 is today! Time to have some fun. Smile
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