So, I've been working on Robotfindskitten for the 84+ Color. Here's a screenshot:

For those of you who don't know, Robotfindskitten is a "Zen simulation" game where you walk around trying to find the kitten. There are non-kitten-items there as well.

It's basically done. Right now for testing, the kitten is always the n-with-a-tilde character, but that'll change when it's released. There are just a couple of bugs to fix and it's ready to go!

I'm using the canonical non-kitten-item database, but basically all the data is drive through the AppVar, so I'm going to also make a calculator-based database as well Smile
I guess it requires Doors CSE, then? Smile I am of course happy to hear that, and this looks like a very true reproduction of the original. I look forward to giving it a try!
It does, yes. I was waiting for the DCSE version of celtic to make the loading faster, since it takes so much stuff from the AppVar. I'll have to make some sort of neat icon, I guess.
Kitty! Very Happy

This looks rather fun ^_^
Okay, here's a beta release:
No readme or anything, but just put the two things in your archive and run it with DCS. Give it a test and let me know how well it runs for you. If you want to make it so the kitten isn't always the n-with-a-tilde, remove this line:
If A=N:"ñ->Str9

Also, who wants to help me come up with a list of calculator/technology-themed "non-kitten-items"? The "kitten" in this case will actually be an 84+CSE. Here's what I have so far:
A kitten
Casio Prizm
HP Prime
A Silver Link
Michael Vincent
Voyage 200
DanE pointing to his name in PuzzPack
A quadratic equation solver
Disp "Hello, world
BrandonW, reading a take-down notice from TI.

I don't want to do, like, every calculator, but post some of your favorites, and I'll include it. I'd rather keep the community member names to just people who are very well known, but no longer active (except for BrandonW, but he's not very active anyway). Feel free to suggest either new additions to the list or funny statements to pair with any of the items I've already listed. Smile
nikky dressing a troll-doll in a hipster outfit.
This is great news; robotfindskitten is a great game. I must say, I am impressed with the high volume of great games that are coming out so fast for the CSE! Makes me want one.
There was a topic somewhere here about RFK for the Prizm, that had some ideas posted in it, but I'm currently unable to find it.
merthsoft wrote:
Also, who wants to help me come up with a list of calculator/technology-themed "non-kitten-items"? The "kitten" in this case will actually be an 84+CSE.
- A functioning build of TI-Connect
- A hard-working staff member
- 48KB of RAM
- Assorted electronics components
- Coffee for a night of coding
- Doors CS 10.0
- Pixel art of a kitten
casio classpad
some of the old ti calcs from the datamath museum
All very good suggestions, thanks guys. I'll still need to come up with some more. How about some math/science themed thanks, too?
merthsoft wrote:
All very good suggestions, thanks guys. I'll still need to come up with some more. How about some math/science themed thanks, too?
- A beaker of mysterious liquid
- A 32.5° inclined plane
- Five CBRs with mysteriously-absent link cables
- A slightly-pixelated Periodic Table
- An assortment of slide rules
- A singular matrix
- Two mutually-exclusive theorems
Thanks! Here's my current list:

That's about 54 items, which seems good. I'm using various math symbols and such for the characters on the screen, and the character is an Omega sign Smile Lemme know what you think!

Edit: Here's a screenshot with the calc file:

jsTIfied seems to've sped it up by quite a bit, and the word-wrap isn't yet working, and there're some graphical oddities from the emu, but that's it! I'm thinking of getting rid of the "Thanks for playing!" at the end, so that DCS doesn't ask you to press enter, which is a weird thing for it to do.
Quite the list of things!

I guess I need to investigate the original further before saying anything else, was just wondering if you're considering using any form of actual sprites in the future with this. Smile

Edit: I see it used ASCII as sprites as well, so ignore my last question Very Happy
merthsoft wrote:
Thanks! Here's my current list:
I love them all; bonus points for 40, 46, 52, 53, and especially 55. Smile I note only one error: testube instead of test tube.
Shouldn't that be "Nikky dressing" rather than "Nikky dressed"?
Yes it should be. Not sure what happened there.
*bump* Okay, here's the beta, I guess. Give it a shot and let me know what you think. If everything is in order, I'll release it officially tomorrow:

Check out the readme to see how to switch data sets or make your own.
Excellent, fast work! I will test this out immediately and edit this post if no one beats me to another reply. I'll test the overall gameplay as thoroughly as possible unless you have specific aspect(s) you think need special stress-testing.

Edit: I was going to complain about the lack of TI-themed items until I read the readme. Would it be possible to make the item set-switching be part of the program instead of requiring program editing? Or was there a reason for your choice?
The choice was mostly just out of ease for me Smile And, it would be hard to list everything, since people can make their own datasets. Also also, this is a nice first-lesson in editing a program to make it do what you want Smile
-A 2013 POTY Award.
-Tokens B5 and B6... Dim sum?
-A Hays Games Company original!
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