I never saw this coming ... Best birthday cake ever!

The TI-83+ is made of rice crispy treat wrapped in fondant. (The cake is chocolate with chocolate frosting and chocolate mousse filling ...mmm...)
This is awesome, shkaboinka; I think I may share this with our friends at Texas Instruments.

Edit: Also, happy birthday, of course! Hope it's a fun and relaxing day.
who made this wonderful cake? <insert name here>+++++
Haha that's fantastic and amazing! I hope it tasted good!
That looks great!
Wow, that's a great piece of work!
That's sick. Wish I had one right now Razz

Happy Birthday.
Yummy, I that's pretty cool, it 8:29 AM here, and I had breakfast at about 6:20 AM, you're making me hungry again!

Well, I know what kind of cake I'm asking for next year:

Disp "Happy Birthday",dayOfWk(2014,5,28)
I guess we know when your birthday is, then. Razz I've never considered getting a cake more fancy that simply have a great deal of chocolate, but I've toyed with the idea of being a calculator for Halloween before. And you of course all know that I took a calculator to Prom...
There is a certain level of sad, mixed with amusement in that picture. lol
So that's why we never have seen (or heard) of Mrs. Martian: Kerm has been too worried of the legal system.
tifreak8x wrote:
There is a certain level of sad, mixed with amusement in that picture. 0x5
Lest I seem completely pathetic, here's the actual picture:
Nice editing done to the second pic, come-on, we all know that you married a calculator, why else would you say that you sleep with one at night? Are you cheating on your wife/calculator?
This never got finished, and I waited too long to take a picture (the lines were straighter before it began to wither). The screen is supposed to be divided into 4 sections for effect; and I didn't carve the inside thin enough for light to show through the lighter parts; and I was going to cut out the number keys (and maybe 2nd, alpha, and APPS) for effect (which I started a little bit) ... But you can see what I was going for.

...The paper I drew it on, of course, had nice straight lines with a 2-point perspective and a more convincing 3D "tilt" effect. If you look at the candle-light picture, the bottom and left edges (which used to be straight) are/were supposed to be the actual (thinner) sides of the calculator. I think if I had just cut out all the buttons, it would have looked more convincing and better over all ... but, there it is Smile

(And yes, I am aware that it's missing the F-keys. I ran out of room in my sketch, and had limited time ... which is also why the graph is not properly aligned with the screen)
That's super cool! Very Happy
ah, now thats the perfect decoration. too bad we dont decorate our house.
Oooh, a calculator pumpkin, what a great idea! Thanks for sharing the continued infiltration of calculators into every facet of your life, Shkaboinka. Wink
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