Managed to get the king to be selectable and movable this morning. However, when jumping enemy pieces, it goes back one and loses its king. I haven't the first clue on why that does that yet, hope to find out later today.


I think that speaks for itself, now. Smile
nice and simple thats cool.

Now as for that bug, Maybe your deletion routine is messing up something on accident? I know variable juggling is a pain in basic. But it would feel to me that your overwriting the wrong piece data.
I think that that is recognizable as a kinged piece, especially considering you have to make the moves to king the piece before it gets that look. Carry on the great work!
Thanks gents Smile

geekboy: It was having issues with the fact that it was trying to use both of the conditional blocks for crowned and non-crowned pieces.
That would also do it, and sounds like an honest mistake. Assuming that means you found the bug and its squashed?
Yes, All I needed to do was break the 2 jump checks into conditionals based on whether that checker is crowned or not.

As of this moment, a crowned piece can travel all directions and jump enemy checkers in all directions! Very Happy

Sadly, a crowned checker became invincible, which was just fixed. Now I just need to go through and copy some code from one side to the other, and see if I can't get the player 2 checkers to crown and move a bit more Smile
May i ask why you are not using generic routines for that that just take variables for the input? and save some space?
I don't really do the whole optimizing bit until after I make things work. So once I have something that works, I'll start looking at the code to see if there are ways to combine what it is I'm doing, and go from there.
Checkers is now available for download as version 0.9!

Please give it a run through and test and let me know what you think!
tifreak8x wrote:
Please give it a run through and test and let me know what you think!
Gave it a test; seems great so far! No major complaints as far as functionality or graphics.
Sweet Very Happy Glad to hear it! How do you feel the speed and response time is, being that it's basic?
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