Has anybody ever used this program? I would love to control Wabbit with my actual calculator as I am a mathematics teacher and it would be such a convenience.

I followed the installation instructions and launched the program. It detects my calculator, says "running" but then "loses the connection."

Would anybody have advice for me OR do you know any other programs that could control a computer with the calculator?

Any help at all would be very much appreciated.
Calc2Key relies almost entirely on libticables to function. TiLP / libticables is a great software suite, but unfortunately it's programmed primarily for Linux. The Windows port isn't very error tolerant at all.

This basically means that if something starts acting incorrectly, you just need to do a general reset. I find that completely unplugging the silverlink from both sides and waiting a few seconds can fix almost all problems. I've never had to restart my computer to fix a problem with libticables, but if all else fails, you can try that too.
Thanks. Is there a difference between "silverlink" and USB cable? Because I've been trying this with a USB.
Well there are a few ways that you can connect a calculator to the computer. Ignoring any of the serial d-sub cables, there's the Silverlink, and direct USB. Calc2Key requires a Silverlink, since I have no idea how to interface with the USB port on the calculator.

The Silverlink connects a calculator's 2mm serial miniplug (It looks like a small headphone jack) to the computers USB port. It's primarily silver in appearance, save for a large circuit board that's visible in the midle of the cable.

Direct USB cables connect the mini-USB B port on the calculator to the USB A port on the computer. It's a very short and black cable.

Since a picture's worth 1000 words...


Direct USB:
Thanks for the info! No wonder it wasn't working for me.
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