I literally just got back from a two week vacation in Puerto Rico to visit family. It was so much fun and I even got to start a little bit of 68k basic at night. However, last night, (It was 11:30) we were getting ready to have our baggage checked when we were informed that we would need to have our bags checked at the USDA's facility nearby. We had forgotten to submit our bags to be checked for exotic fruits and vegetables that could contain weevils and other invasive species. Anyway, the facility didn't open until midnight and already there was a VERY LONG LINE that went out of the actual airport and down the parking lot as the equivalent of two street blocks in length. Thankfully, the actual scanning went by quickly but it got me thinking, isn't that just plain wrong to stick one hundred or so people outside in a very humid enviroment where it is likely to rain? It wouldn't be too bad for the USDA to open up a little bit earlier? Our plane was scheduled to leave at 12:30 and we were worried that we would miss our plane, but since we had already gotten our bags checked, we just went straight through security and into the waiting area. However, our plane was delayed by 30 minutes because a huge mob of people descended on the baggage check all at once. We had been able to avoid this mess before since our plane left later but we were the first people onto the runway. Any comments on my previous dillema? I've stayed up for 24 hours straight and I needed to type up my anger.
It's not the airports fault. You could have easily avoided the lines had you guys checked the procedures prior to arriving at the airport. Had you realised that you might have needed to get an inspection from the USDA, you could have found away to not cut the deadline so close. Perhaps there was an advance screening where you could get your bags pre-screened then held at the airport.
While I appreciate the sentiment about the pains of air travel, in this case I don't think the USDA was at fault. I think a bit of planning and maybe some more personnel were all that were needed.
Bawwwww talk about a first world whine.
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