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@Kerm: Posting this as a sticky - maybe we could make Graphics Category in Forum?
Post your Photoshop/GIMP creations here!

Here are some stupid things I made to get the topic rolling:

my favorite:


was done in photoshop using 2 colors and a bunch of filters.
these 3 patterns all started from the same base image. can you tell?


yet more photoshop fun...


these 4 started the same....

Your filter skills are sharp, elfprince, but can you do anything else?
yeah Sad filters are more fun though.
I have some Photoship fun I'll post up when I've got my HD back.

Nice use of the distortion filters. Smile
Those are pretty sweet.

those are sweet....Im just glad I didn't try viewing this topic from dial-up at home.
Haha...good call. I particularly like the water one, that's all filters, not a pic.
its really cool. What filters did you use?
Don't even remember any more. Smile I know I messed with the perspective tool at the end, and perhaps some wave and color filters.
It'd be really cool if I got my avatar to look "real" like a painting.

I originally colored sketches using photoshop, using layers to and selection tools to make it easier/faster, but that's about all I could do.
Photoshop does have lots of artistic filters - did you try those?
I thought it looked like a drawing...I remember some kind of stroke effect.
http://jpez.sobertillnoon.com/upload/files/walk.swf. The background was photoshopped.
Whoa, nice!
Yeah, I took a film of me walking and then rotoscoped it in flash.
hawt. I'll try to find some of my other Photoshop goodness to put up.
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