MOS Detection!! Not MOS running support though, but I made it deny MOS running to prevent crashes.

rivereye wrote:
You probably have a driver that isn't working rught. Go to your device manager and see if there are any errors.

its worked before, it just has'nt been working l8tly. I think it worked a few days ago.

BTW - I'm gonna try to make MOS icons show instead of the default today
sweet, don't some ION programs have pics also?
No, since ION doesn't support that anyways...
Exactly. Got a cool screenie of it working, uploading...
of course it crashes, any work on that yet?
That's not a crash, it's just saying "incompatible filetype".
ok, whatever, didn't remeber what that error code meant (use text, not numbers next time).
Yeah, I'll make all the errors text when I app it; it's big enough as it is now. Smile
whatr the controls to move files &stuff?
Right-click (alpha or GRAPH) brings up the prop menu. Icons from left to right:

> Delete
> Lock
> Archive
> Duplicate
> Cut
> Paste
> New Folder
> Rename
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