What is it?
Fusebox is my entry for the latest and greatest Cemetech coding competition. It will use a simple tile-based environment to teach basic logic and circuitry, then expand on those concepts by using said circuitry to power everything from fans to electromagnets. From there, players can learn the rudiments of both mechanics and electromagnetism via simple algebra. I hope to make it a game like no other!

That sure sounds cool! Can we expect a finished product soon?
As I'm entering college soon and am sure to be insanely busy over the summer, I might not be able to meet the deadline. I will, however, certainly try my best to make something that all of you guys can enjoy!
That sounds exciting. I would love to see the finished product. Screenshots coming soon I suppose.
Even if you can't finish the complete program by the deadline, you should at least aim to finish a mostly-functional demo by then. While this sounds superb, which part of particle physics and/or parabolic motion will it show off?
The physics portion of the game will consist of things like flinging a projectile and controlling its path with magnets, fans, etc., while affecting their intensity on the circuit-side with variable power and resistors. The projectiles will adhere to a unit grid, and the path of the projectiles can be calculated using classical mechanics.

At any rate, I dug up some old code that I wrote back in the Graviter days to simulate force fields (for use in gravity/electromagnetic simulations.) I'll probably have to rewrite it to make it much more accurate, but this is a taste of things to come!

Fusebox is progressing well. The swirls look very well written. leafiness0++!
Looks promising, as always, good luck with everything, etc.

Just FYI I read the bold parts in the dopiest imaginable voice.
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