Was the site of many conversions I got and rechecked from what I had gotten from google.

My main question for you was the 'what it gave me' for the L1-1 bit. I haven't checked the others, will do that tomorrow probably. I just want to make sure this stuff is as accurate as possible is all.
Those all looked fine to me =)
I'll do some comparing once I do some adjustments for screen placement and such Smile


Just showing off the multipage system. Smile
That looks awesome! Smile
Thank you! I'm going to have a more detailed shot of TIFC in action, now that it's working on the 82, 83, and 83+. Smile Decided to work on the readme file now, while I wait for Merth to get back with me on what might be happening with Tokens.
I do like the menu, and cannot wait to see the next screenshot !
So, here you go, the files have all been uploaded!

TI-73 Edition

TI-82 Edition

TI-83 Edition

TI-83+/84+ Edition

TI-84+CSE Edition

Some screenshots with download urls Smile At least until gets around to updating. Woo~

Let me know if you find any bugs! If you see I need to add an conversion, please let me know!

(And yes, those screenshots are from their respective calcs, they really are that fast on calc. Smile
What were the final sizes? Did you end up using L1^-1 -> L2 for the non-temperature conversions?
Yes I did. I think the 84+CSE was 7500, the rest was right around the 7100 mark, give or take.
I've been playing with the color version, and I really like it. My suggestion, though, would be to make it more obvious the unit from the number. Maybe add a semi-colon after the text, or draw a line between unit and value.
Not sure if you saw this when I said it earlier (in chat), but when I was testing other stuff on my calculator today, I noticed that

22:05 <@elfprince> tifreak: how do you switch pages on unit selection in TIFC?
22:05 <@elfprince> I can't find any way to select cups
22:05 <@elfprince> oh
22:05 <@elfprince> you don't have cups
22:05 <@elfprince> that explains why
22:05 <@elfprince> haha
22:06 <@elfprince> also, I noticed in some places the button to quit is clear instead of mode
@Merth: I had originally done that, but with the size of things originally. I just failed at adding it back. I'll see about doing so soon. Smile

@elfprince: Oh, I knew I was forgetting something. >.>; And really? o.O I'm gonna have to look into that, I was fairly certain everything for quitting =22. Thanks for letting me know

And thanks for the support Smile


Thank you guys, the updates have been completed to the files, I just have to finish the updates to the readme and save it to the folders, and get them zipped and uploaded. I'll try to have that done in a few hours, after my routes are done.

Also, this puts TIFC to 708 conversions available Very Happy wewt wewt
Updated due to problems found in the Torque category.
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