In a previous news item, you could discover ahead of time on TI-Planet the latest beta of the new TI-Connect 4.0 linking software, adding support for the 84+ C Silver Edition calculator to the existing TI-Z80 and TI-68k support.

More precisely, the showcased version was

Tonight, the final version, TI-Connect was released. It represents the first update of the TI-Connect software for Windows since 2010!

You can now transfer images and install OS upgrades to your 84+ C Silver Edition from Windows!
(with the official software, that is - the third-party TILP II 1.17 software, which was recently published, already enabled doing it, provided the .8c? files were renamed to .8x?)

One other thing :

For a few days already, you were able to download, in exclusivity on TI-Planet, the OS v4.0 for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition!

Indeed, a little tool by Critor was capable to create installable OS files from a ROM image of the calculator.

TI-Connect 4.0 for Windows just came out !
And like all the Windows versions of TI-Connect, it comes with a bundle of device-installable OS files, and here with the OS 4.0 for the brand new TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition.

After an hexadecimal comparison of the files ignoring the headers, we can see that this OS 4.0's code is 100% identical that the one running on my sample TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition.

Consequently, the OS bundled with TI-Connect 4.0 also suffers from all the bugs we noticed in our review some weeks ago. Sad
(there's another bug list here on Cemetech, can't find the URL at the moment - feel free to edit my post)

The same goes for the 4.0 OS file available on TI's site, which is the same as TI-Connect 4.0 's one Sad


TI-Connect (English version)
OS 4.0 - TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition

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One thing I noticed that was interesting on the TI download page. TI-Connect for Mac supports 3 devices not supported by the windows version
Vernier LabPro®
It's amusing to note that this OS file matches the OS installed on my calculator in the factory, with one exception: the 512-bit "OS signature" on page FA is different. This OS file, as it turns out, is signed using the 0A key (the same one used for 84+ OSes); the one on my calculator is signed with some other, unknown key (the "0F" key, I guess.) In any case, the 512-bit signature no longer makes any difference; only the 2048-bit signature on page F3 is checked by the boot code. So in fact you could put anything you wanted into the "signature" area, though I can't think of any real reason to do so.
Lionel Debroux wrote:
Indeed, a little tool by Critor was capable to create installable OS files from a ROM image of the calculator.
I thought I saw critor directly deny that somewhere. I know that BrandonW made such a tool, though.
critor denied making a ROM dumper, but he did indeed make another tool of his own to rebuild a ROM image.
Still no program editor for windows though ?
Except for the numerous third party ones the community is working on...

TI also have one of their own, but I don't know where to do to download it.
Thanks Shaun

Yes I have a copy of that but I can't recall where from on the web. I stumbled across it a while ago. I if I find the URL I will repy with it as someone may like it. However it is ofcourse surpassed by the above alternatives. Very Happy
tifreak8x has a copy archived on his website somewhere. It was last included with TI-Connect 1.5 iirc.
FWIW, they're also on TI-Planet:
* TI Program Editor:
* TI-Connect 1.5:
not to zombify the post, but a lot of the editors out there only support the 83 and the 84. I know there's a lot more 84 programmers out there but there are still 89 and 92 programmers that are pretty much out in the cold when it comes to on PC development.

The only one I ever found was daisuke-edit, and it had a lot of bugs at the time. Have no idea if it's still worked on since I haven't touched it in 5+ years.

As for the Ti beta editor. It's not much better in the Bugs dept, requires .NET 1.1 which is pretty much EOL'd on any modern OS and was a real pain to navigate.
I am real mad with TI-connect because now I can't send any of my programs to my TI-84+SE. Any idea where I can send bug reports about the new launcher?
Dont worry, I just deleted a few files on my calc and fixed it.
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