At the end of this song that I am putting on my calculator, the notes that are supposed to be short are being held out for very long periods of time. I do not want this. It irritates me. I would love if someone would help me with that.This is where it messes up:


P.S., I might be getting my Prizm tomorrow. Laughing Laughing Smile Smile Smile
Probably the work of liberals. Also, dairy is gross.
I just changed them to 120 and I hope it works.
[19:34:38] <@saxjax> (C) *Spenceboy98 edited a post in [Converter Notes]
[19:36:21] <@saxjax> (C) [Deep Thought] Anybody here know TI-BASIC well with a couple minutes on their hands?
[19:37:14] < AHelper3> something is not working...
[19:39:36] <@saxjax> (C) [Spenceboy98] No one is replying. Someone should reply to [Converter Notes] please.
[19:40:38] <@saxjax> (C) [souvik1997] calm down didn't try that in the first place? Instead you posted a topic and then whined when nobody replied in three minutes?
Yup. I guess I did. Oh well.
Don't do it again.
I will try to resist.
Yes, you should resist. Note how I didn't include the word "try" in there.
"Do or do not, there is no try." Yes. It is fixed.
Id like to say that the Converter is offline right now
ordelore wrote:
Id like to say that the Converter is offline right now
Thank you for letting me know. PHP 5.4 introduced a restriction on call-type pass-by-reference to functions that I was not aware of.

Edit: The issue has been fixed. I checked with a few songs, and it seems to work.
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