post your own candid photos...
Laughing I'm working on one..

Maybe I'll make a half-decent one later on.
btw...what does the CS in DoorCS stand for? Your initials perhaps? Question
CalculatorSystem methinks.
Yeah, I wanted to push it to the top
Oops, I forgot the glow around the title text...
well...the only reason i mentioned the DP is that it's always fun finding the admin's DP's...
@ Jon: you can also use
gotta love those low res lego cams

ROFL @ Jpez.
Bwahaha at elfprince13
Perhaps I will do a photoshoot of my lovely self one of these days...
I set the Harry Potter pic as my facebook image. Laughing
You people and your facebooks.
Aye, we and our facebooks. What image should I put myself in next?
napoleon Dynamite...
There wouldn't be any difference. Just Joking
rofl....I'm on it.
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