I'm happy to announce that Cemetech at long last has an IRC channel, after some obnoxious politicing by other notable community sites to prevent such a move. You can now discuss Cemetech news, projects, and in general chat at #cemetech.net, found on irc.worldnet.net. If you do not have an IRC client, I recommend that you download Trillian, an excellent multifunction client that also does AIM, Y!IM, MSN, ICQ, etc. This IRC channel will hold discussion and brainstorm sessions; I will be on as often as possible. Go add it to your IRC list!
Thanks TI-Freak, you're doing a great job with these.
Not a problem. Smile Glad I can help in some small way...
Indeed you are. So has everyone joined and registered?
What? Mine wasnt good enough for ya? Poo Surprised

Muh, its ok, im joining right now.
Mine wasnt that popular anyways...
yeah, I joined it, oh well. I hope this one turns out well till we can get the EFNet one
Here are the commands to register your nick on irc.worldnet.net:
/msg nickserv register <password> [email]
And to 'login':
/msg nickserv identify <password>
true, one thing that this channel has over EFNet, but oh well
rivereye wrote:
yeah, I joined it, oh well. I hope this one turns out well till we can get the EFNet one

Oh, I plan on this being permenant...
So no channel on EFNet, then?
Nope. Worldnet for me.
sounbds fine for me, I am online now and I usually connect to worldnet as well because I frequent french channels here
Ah, excellent. So hopefully people will come to use it a lot!
I guess I have to, oh well. I can't stop following Kerm and his doings
Hehe, glad to hear it Wink
I can't connect Sad can one of you give me some help?
sure, what client, what server? You can always IM me if you want
Im using Miranda and trying to connect here..

what are your AIM/Yahoo/GoogleTalk screen names?

I managed to connect, but theres no one on, and it says I am an operator.....
you need to connect to EFNet. That is what we are using now. channel #ltwttf

btw, I use AIM/Yahoo/MSN/ICQ, any of those work (I think I have them listed below)
server: irc.efnet.net
channel: #ltwttf (el tee doubleyou tee tee ef)
Try GAIM if you don't have a good IM client.
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