I think it would be nice for a chat script that would allow us users to chat in a new window...
either that, or get a channel on the IRC, talk to the bot owners at #tcpa though
Well, I have seen some cool ones in php and java script, I figured Kerm could integrate them into the site, locally host them... Smile
Not a bad idea. I kinda like how we can chat on the forums though. Smile
live chat has its advantages though, quickly swapping ideas and that
True, true... 13,000 posts on this board!!
I just think it would be a good place for some of out convos that aren't overly important to be, so not to waste space. And we wouldn't have to sit there, hitting F5 to see if there is any new posts...
Very true, does anyone else have a comment? Want one? Don't want one?
Well, if you do this, I do have a couple suggestions...

1. Make it a seperate window
2. Be able to join the chat from anywhere in the site, either by the side bar or the forum bar above...
Hehe...I like the sidebar idea...
I like the idea of the pop-up window.
...you can't seriously want some chat applet, do you?
I would reocomend the IRC, but bots are hard to come by anymore to hae gaurd over the channel.
Not an applet, applets suck. Maybe something PHP?
Kerm, if you could do something like that in PHP on you own, I don't know what I would do.
Laughing I think I could do that, wouldn't be too hard...
You could always download one, see how it works, and then make it better... Smile
Eh, too easy. I'm even getting ideas now...
That is good. Smile It won't use a bunch of bandwidth will it?
Kerm, i have one word for you: pjIRC... (its what the TBM site uses)...

if you wanna IRC channel, im sure my botnet will come to the rescue as soon as i have 24/7 hosting for it... (and at this point im actually looking for multiple hosts...)
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