When posting about a problem within Cemetech, please state exactly how and when the error occured. Aso specifiy exactly what you did to get this error. The more information that you give, the faster that the problem can be repaired.

Current problems:

[]News links don't work in side bar.

Current Problems:
[] none known
Noticed on the bottom of the page, where it shows the stats, there is a ?.

Not a major bug, but thought I should report it just the same...
there's quite alot of broken images in the programs sections... (specifically I've noticed them in entertainment)
Yeah, this is a known problem, I believe Kerm is looking for some volunteers to get them fixed... I could be mistaken on that though...
You are indeed correct. More specifically, I am look for volunteers to help create the data tables for my PHP script so I can decommision the old outmoded Programs section. Anyone willing to spend an hour or two on it please indicate that!
And about the bug I reported?
phpBB is misreading my (c) character. I'm looking into it.
Shouldn't © work (or if that fails to show, remove spaces/quotations from " & c o p y ; "
No, I think I have &copy not © Smile
When I go to the main page, none of the images load (at least, not in a timely matter) and when I click, go to new posts from the main page,I get a 404, but then, I click it again, and all is fine.
I have had the same issue except I just hit one of the blank tabs, get the 404 error and then procede to the forums.
Ah, see I think this is a function of your security settings and how I have my PHP/Javascript set up, should be fixed with the completion of Phase 2 of the Big Move.
ok, I hope that comes soon.
'Tis indeed in the works.
Well, in the admin section, there is no links on the top, unless they just didn't load for me...
There should be 3 buttons that say Add News Article | Edit News Article | View Archives Actions
That is there, I am talkin about the normal nav bar on the top. Didn't know if that was supposed to be there or not...
Ah, no, no buttons appear now.
it is looking for stuff in the forums folder, check stuff.
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